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* NamesTheSame: See AnimalMotif.


* NamesTheSame: OneSteveLimit: See AnimalMotif.



* {{Badass}}: Pick any cast member. Chances are, they're probably one.

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[[caption-width-right:200: The least bloody our hero will be in the whole series.]]

Kei has a problem.

For years now, he's been the victim of brutal bullying. His parents don't care about him and his classmates turn a blind eye to his problems. When he finally reaches the breaking point, he accepts a proposal to participate in a double suicide with his childhood friend Akira. While Akira dies, Kei lives to be bullied another day.

But months after the incident, Kei finds a strange website broadcasting brutal street-fighting videos. There he finds someone who bears a shocking resemblance to Akira laying out beatdowns left and right. Intrigued and hopeful to reunite with his friend, Kei delves into a world of bloody brutality.

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* AnimalMotif: Both Kei and W.D.T's leader are referred to as 'Wild Dog'.
* {{Badass}}: Pick any cast member. Chances are, they're probably one.
* {{Determinator}}: So Kei is completely ignored by his classmates, his parents could care less about him, and he failed his suicide attempt. As far as he's concerned, there's nothing left for him except for a slight chance that he might see his old friend again. Obviously it's time to beat the hell out of '''everyone''' who's in the way.
* NamesTheSame: See AnimalMotif.
* PowerFist: W.D.T's Mad Dog has a specialized set of brass knuckles that look like dog claws.
* ShownTheirWork: Before starting the series, 28round's scriptwriter joined a local boxing group and even participated in a local tournament. He also took up karate. Though he admits he's mediocre at both, what he's learned from the experience definitely shows.
* TookALevelInBadass: Kei flipped the script pretty quickly within the first few chapters and seems like he'll continue taking levels until he [[{{Determinator}} succeeds at what he came to do.]]

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