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Some of the {{Long Title}}s, a.k.a 5 or more words, of ''Manga/HayateTheCombatButler'', where individual chapters have been called "episodes":
!! Volume 1
# Santa's Red is a Blood-Colored Hell
# In English, 'Unmei' means 'Destiny'
# Observation of the Current State of Affairs and the Structure of the Maid Outfit
# Nagi Sanzenin and Her Chamber of Secrets
# Even if You Become a Newtype, Silence is a Virtue
# Good Children Shouldn't Copy This!! No, Even Bad Children and Adults Shouldn't Copy This Either, Not Ever!
# In the Language of Flowers, the St. John's Wort Fully Blooming in the Flower Garden, Means 'Vengeance'
!! Volume 2
# In the Wee Hours of a Full Moon Night, Roasting, Smashing and Grinding Them to Powder
# The Mystery of Men Playing Shogi All the Time at the Foot of the Tsutenkaku Tower
# ''The New 'Run Towards Our Sun!'
# How Much is Your Life?
# A Way to Lose the Golden Feater
# Careless Kindness Brings Unhappiness
# Bad Ending Flags in All Directions
# Even a Fool Catches Cold, So Please Help Me, Nurse Angel. I'm Not Finished Yet!!
# When I Turned, I Remembered That Was the Beginning of Unhappiness
!! Volume 3
# I Lost My Temper and Did It Because I Was Mortified About Losing to Little Kids on the Street. But, I Have No Regrets
# A Nuisance, Even for Peter Pan
# Who Came Up with the Sound Effect, 'Kapok'? It's Awesome
# I Never Had the Problem of Being Too Popular
# I Wanted to See the Challenge of the Super Shuffle
# By the Time Ojo-sama Cries
# I'm Hoping My Voice Will Reach You
!! Volume 4
# If This Were an Anime, the Opening Would Change!
# If the Teacher Told You to Die, Would You?!
# Fools, Smoke and Cats... No One Wants to Climb Up to High Places
# A Power That Won't Revolutionize the World
# A Long Time Ago, Space Sheriff Gyaban Taught Us that Youth Is About Not Turning Back!
# The One Who Controls Summer Seems to Control the Entrance Exam
# The First Class Likes Curry
# Samurai, Bushido and Moving Van Damme
!! Volume 5
# I Won't Forget You Were the Voice Actor in ''Art of Fighting''
# Arrested for Breaking a Window at the School at Night
# Elohim Elohim, Let's Recite a Charm!!
# Mr. Cow, Mr. Cow! - What Is It, Mr. Frog?
# I Like Reading Books, but I Don't Know How to Make Use of Them
# Saki-chan's Ambition [Whole Country Version]
# Titanic Episode 4-- With a Vengeance

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