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"There's A ˇmogus In My Soup" is short Creepypasta hosted/posted on multiple Subreddits. The story is as follows:

On July the 1st, 2015, a Redditer with the username of There’s A ˇmogus In My Soup...And Everything Else!!! posted an expose on the food industry and their use of human meat and human byproducts in the food and drink supply on the Conspiracy Subreddit. The user even exposed the pet food industry and their use of euthanized pets in their products. The post grew to be extremely popular and became the most upvoted post on Reddit in only a few hours with 557,000 upvotes and 228,000 comments.

On the same day, several hours later, a user by the name of Al-Rellik made this disturbing comment: “Sadly, OP is now the proof in the pudding. Don’t worry, He won't be lonely, you all will join him, one way or another.” News about the post and Al-Rellik spread across many Subreddits, and many users would spam the comments on other posts or make posts about the post, Al-Rellik, and the topic of human flesh in the food supply. It got so bad, many Subreddits banned users for bringing it up.

On the 2nd of the same month, the post and any other references to it were deleted for 'Violation Of Reddit's Terms.' On July the 7th, 5 days later, it was reported that a 28 year old Lithuanian man named Aronas Medus had gone missing. On the days that followed, many Redditers that had commented on the post or made references to it were reported as missing. Aronas and the other Redditers are still ‘missing’ to this day.

!!Tropes Found In "There's A ˇmogus In My Soup" Include:

*BilingualBonus: The title(and first part of the Reddit user's username) translated fully into English is There's A Human In My Soup, as ˇmogus means human in Lithuanian.
**The 'al' in Al-Rellik basicly means 'the' in Arabic.

*InstantWebHit: The OP's post becomes the most popular post on Reddit OF ALL-TIME in only a few hours.

*LeaveNoWitnesses: Whoever caused the disappearances of a lot of the readers of the post seems to have this in mind.

*SdrawkcabName: The 'Rellik' part of Al-Rellik's username is 'killer' backwards.

*TheSecretOfLongPorkPies: What OP exposed about most food/drink in the food supply, at least it is heavily assumed to be true.

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