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* AnyoneCanDie: Downplayed. A good chunk of the supporting cast perish throughout the series, but besides [[spoiler:Captain Frye]] and [[spoiler:Helmer]], almost every major character survives the final battle.

* BackForTheDead: [[spoiler:Garten Longtreader]]. Despite being a crucial antagonist in ''Ember Rising'', he's largely absent in ''Ember's End''. When he finally does show up, it's towards the end of the book during the final battle, where he quickly perishes.

* BreathWeapon: [[spoiler:The dragon keeper]] has toxic breath capable of warping rabbits' minds when inhaled and can force them to do whatever he commands. He uses it repeatedly on Heather and [[spoiler:Smalls]] to try and [[spoiler:free his horde of dragons to raze the country]].

* GreaterScopeVillain: Morbin Blackheart is directly or indirectly behind everything going on in the series. Despite being five novels in, Morbin has had very few appearances in the series.


* EyeScream: Picket manages to stab [[spoiler:Morbin]] in one of his eyes in ''Ember's End''.
* GrandFinale: ''Ember's End'' wraps up all of the stories' subplots and depicts the rabbits' final battle against all of Morbin Blackhawk's forces.
* GreaterScopeVillain: Morbin Blackheart is directly or indirectly behind everything going on in the series. Despite being five novels in, this, Morbin has had very few appearances in the series.each book or he's only mentioned in certain books.

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* NotQuiteDead: ''Ember's End'' reveals that [[spoiler:Prince Smalls is still (barely) alive, thanks to the dragon keeper]].

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* RealityEnsues: During a battle in ''Ember's End'', Captain Frye strikes at King Farlock's head while Farlock is wearing a helm. [[spoiler:The sword breaks, giving Farlock time to deal a fatal counterattack on Frye]].
* SurprisinglySuddenDeath: [[spoiler:Captain Frye]] is killed very abruptly during the first major battle against Morbin's army in ''Ember's End''.

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''The Green Ember'' is a series of children's novels written by S.D. Smith.

In a small community within the country of Natalia, sibling Heather and Picket have their lives turned upside-down after a small squadron of deadly wolves raid and burn down their home. Although Heather and Picket manage to escape, they soon find themselves stuck in the middle of a war going on between the dreaded Morbin Blackheart and the residents of Natalia who long to seek freedom from his tyrannical control. But as they uncover the secrets about the war, they soon realize that their family name isn't beloved by many, and that their greatest threat may not be Morbin at all...

There are currently five books in the series. ''The Green Ember'', ''Ember Falls'', and ''Ember Rising'' are all sequential books focusing primarily on Heather and Picket as they gradually develop and become prominent figures in the war against Morbin's forces. ''The Black Star of Kingston'' is a prequel that takes place a century before the events of ''The Green Ember''. ''The Last Archer'', meanwhile, takes place during ''The Green Ember'', but is told from the perspective of Jo Shanks, an archer who only had a brief appearance in the first book of the series.

!!''The Green Ember'' provides examples of:

* AlwaysChaoticEvil: The wolves and raptors are always villainous, and most of the time, they're directly responsible for the events happening within each book.
* AntiVillain: Even though he betrayed everyone in Cloud Mountain and got dozens killed, [[spoiler:Prince Kylen]] truly does care about Heather and wants the war to end in the rabbits' favor. He even saves Heather from an assassination attempt, and nearly got killed in the process.
* AscendedExtra: Jo Shanks is just another MauveShirt within the rabbits' army. In ''The Last Archer'', however, he's the main character, and the book is told entirely from his point of view.
* TheBigBadShuffle: There are a slew of candidates who could be considered the "main" villain of each novel, but almost all of them are either dead by the end of the book, or it's revealed that the alleged major villain was either a MookLieutenant or an ArcVillain at best.
* BlackAndGrayMorality: None of the wolves or birds are sympathetic, and the narration makes it very clear that ''all'' of them are sadistic villains. The rabbits, however, are scattered all over the place. Some rabbits are just as villainous as the birds; some are villains who are JustFollowingOrders, while others are a WellIntentionedExtremist or an AntiVillain. Everyone else seems to be either an AntiHero, a slave, or an ordinary protagonist fighting against Morbin's tyrany.
* DisneyVillainDeath: [[spoiler:Bleston]] falls into a rocky ravine after tumbling over a shattered wall.
* GreaterScopeVillain: Morbin Blackheart is directly or indirectly behind everything going on in the series. Despite being five novels in, Morbin has had very few appearances in the series.
* HeroOfAnotherStory: Jo Shanks is the protagonist of ''The Last Archer'', which takes place during the same time of ''The Green Ember'' and shows how he ended up at Cloud Mountain.
* LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters: There are ''a lot'' of characters spread across the series, and the character roster continues to grow with each new installment.
* TheMole:
** Throughout all of ''The Green Ember'', many residents of Cloud Mountain suspect that there's a traitor amongst them. [[spoiler:It turns out to be Kyle]].
** ''Ember Falls'' has two: [[spoiler:Bleston and Perkinson]]. The former is another ally of Morbin who wants to kill all of King Jupiter's heirs, while the latter is a spy for the former, and he secretly [[spoiler:killed Lord Ramnor during a raid]].
* MookLieutenant: Exaggerated. Every named villain who isn't Garten Longtreader or Morbin Blackheart falls into this category. Even [[spoiler:Redeye Garlackson]], who formed an alliance with Morbin and was shown to be a menacing threat, was killed off at the end of the first novel and immediately replaced in the next novel.
* OrcusOnHisThrone: Even though he's the primary source of conflict for the entire series (sans ''The Black Star of Kingston''), Morbin Blackheart rarely ever leaves his stronghold and lets his minions do all the hard work.
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: It's pretty obvious that General Flox was made to replace [[spoiler:Redeye Garlackson]] after he died. Both are wolves who lead massive battalions and are allies with Morbin Blackheart. Both of them appear to be a threatening foe and even a possible ArcVillain, but are ultimately just [[MookLieutenant Mook Lieutenants]]. [[spoiler:Both of them are killed abruptly, and their deaths strike a crucial blow for the wolves]].
* TakingTheBullet: Towards the end of ''Ember Falls'', [[spoiler:Lord Rake]] shields Emma with his body and gets an arrow to the chest after an archer attempts to kill her.
* TookALevelInKindness:
** Picket started off as a stubborn, pessimistic rabbit who constantly pushed others away with his attitude. After training under Helmer and spending more time in Cloud Mountain, he became more courageous and nicer.
** Captain Frye. He started off as a colossal {{Jerkass}} who openly belittled the Longtreader family and refused to trust any of them. After Heather and Picket prove themselves during a raid within Cloud Mountain, he finally trusts them and softens up later on in the series.
* WorldOfFunnyAnimals: Everyone in the series is a fully-clothed talking rabbit, wolf, or some kind of bird of prey.
* YouNeedABreathMint: When Captain Frye gets too close to Wilfred and insults him in ''The Last Archer'', Wilfred seizes the opportunity to comment on the rabbit's breath.
--> '''Frye''': "Ah, come to spy out our military readiness, have you, Longtreader scum?"
--> '''Wilfred''': "They have been well cared for, Captain. If only your breath had been so diligently addressed."


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