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First published in 1973 by editor Creator/WilliamFGoodykoontz for Scholastic Books, this GenreAnthology contains nine ScienceFiction stories.
!!Works in this anthology:
* "Literature/TheWindowsOfHeaven", by [[AnonymousAuthor Anonymous]] (1966)
* "Literature/TimesAngryMan", by Creator/AMLightner (1973)
* "{{Literature/EPICAC}}", by Creator/KurtVonnegutJr (1950)
* "Script/TheForbinProject", by Creator/JamesBridges (1969)
* "Literature/TheFunTheyHad", by Creator/IsaacAsimov (1951)
* "Literature/TheOtherFoot", by Creator/RayBradbury (1951)
* "Literature/OnceThereWas", by Creator/DottieGittelson (1973)
* "Theatre/TakingHonor", by Creator/JillInfiorati (1971)
* "Literature/ThereWillComeSoftRains", by Creator/RayBradbury (1950)
* "Literature/TheWeapon", by Creator/FredricBrown (1951)
!!Tropes appearing in this work:
* DeathIsDramatic: In "Theatre/TakingHonor", a [[OurActsAreDifferent one-act play]] by Creator/JillInfiorati, the baby, Honor is supposed to [[TheNamesake taken by the state government]] because the family is in violation of the PopulationControl laws. After the sick mother, Laura, cries out to announce her death, the police retreat, because the household is now back down to four members.
* FantasticRacism: In "Literature/TheOtherFoot", by Creator/RayBradbury, {{UsefulNotes/Mars}} has been colonized by black Americans escaping racism. The rumored arrival of a white man kicks off some nasty undercurrents of [[PersecutionFlip retributive reverse-racism]].
* GunStripping: In "Theatre/TakingHonor", by Creator/JillInfiorati, Johnny is supposed to take out a rifle and start cleaning it. His father, Dr Walker, briefly tries to convince him to put away the gun, but Johnny wants it to be ready in case they have to fight off an attack.
* LiteraryAllusionTitle: In "Literature/TheOtherFoot", by Creator/RayBradbury, the title (and Willie) refer to a [[StockQuotes common English idiom]], "now the shoe is on the other foot", implying the persecuted negros have the opportunity to [[PersecutionFlip create oppressive laws against caucasians]].
* TheMigration: In "Literature/TheOtherFoot", by Creator/RayBradbury, black Americans have left Earth to colonize Mars]]. They left Earth [[TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture in 1965]], and many of those first-generation colonists still remember why they left.
* TheNamesake: In "Theatre/TakingHonor", a [[OurActsAreDifferent one-act play]] by Creator/JillInfiorati, the title's meaning becomes clear very quickly; Honor is the name of the family's [[PopulationControl third child, which is illegal]], so the [[OddlyOvertrainedSecurity Family Planning Bureau]] is there to take the three-day old infant by force.
* OddlyOvertrainedSecurity: In "Theatre/TakingHonor", by Creator/JillInfiorati, the Family Planning Bureau for [[HollywoodNewEngland Providence, Rhode Island]] is capable of organizing police and reporters to invade a family home, turn off water and electricity, all to enforce the PopulationControl laws.
* OurActsAreDifferent: "Theatre/TakingHonor", a [[{{Theatre}} Play]] by Creator/JillInfiorati, consists of a single act/scene and around twelve characters.
* PersecutionFlip: In "Literature/TheOtherFoot", by Creator/RayBradbury, the population of {{UsefulNotes/Mars}} is entirely black. Because the planet was colonized within recent memory, adults have memories of segregation and lynchings, and when the news arrives that a rocket manned by whites is entering the atmosphere, a furious mob gathers, planning to institute [[PersecutionFlip Jim Crow laws in reverse]]. They are ultimately deterred when it's revealed that Earth has been [[AfterTheEnd bombed out after a nuclear war]], and the story ends with the survivors settling on Mars and the hope of a new start for humanity.
* PopulationControl: In "Theatre/TakingHonor", by Creator/JillInfiorati, the Family Planning Bureau is planning on [[TheNamesake taking three-day-old Honor]] for violating the state laws against family population numbers. When her mother, Laura, dies, the Bureau retreats because there's only four members of the household again.
--> '''Third Newsman:''' "Mr Braddon? Mr Braddon? What about the baby? What happens to it?"\\
'''Brad:''' "Nothing. There's only four in this family now. My job is done."
* SpearCarrier: In "Theatre/TakingHonor", by Creator/JillInfiorati, the two guards and three news reporters have (collectively) six lines. They invade the home behind two named characters, while red police lights flash from offstage, creating a sense of crowds and confusion for [[DeathIsDramatic Laura's death]].
* SocietyMarchesOn: In "Literature/TheOtherFoot", Creator/RayBradbury assumes segregation in America will continue well into the future, and become so extreme that black people will eventually colonize {{UsefulNotes/Mars}} on their own. The all-black colony ends up in a very good position to [[PersecutionFlip retaliate against their former oppressors]] (and they almost go through with it, too) yet ultimately both sides are able to reconcile their differences and live together in peace. For added [[DramaticIrony irony]], the UsefulNotes/CivilRightsMovement started in the 1950's, just after this was written.
* TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture: In "Literature/TheOtherFoot", by Creator/RayBradbury, black Americans have [[TheMigration left Earth to colonize Mars]]. They left Earth in 1965, around twenty years before the events in the story, so many of those first-generation colonists are still alive to remember why they left.
* WorldWarIII: In "Literature/TheOtherFoot", a ShortStory by Creator/RayBradbury, Earth has sent an old white man to Mars in a spaceship to report on the offscreen events of the third world war. He describes how the cities of the world were burned by atomic bombs. Then he begs the blacks who colonized Mars, who made Mars livable, to allow the white folks, the ones who made Earth too radioactive to live on, to live with them. The white folks even expect the PersecutionFlip.

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