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''Silverglade, a Dungeon tale'' is a Fantasy [[RPGMechanicsVerse LitRPG]] WebSerialNovel available [[ here]].

Dungeons are by nature solitary beings, content to stay in their home and work on obscure hobbies, while keeping a threatening outside world at a distance. That takes a certain kind of personality.
Jannah, a NEET summoned to a fantasy world by a magical personality quiz, grudgingly agrees that the thing has her pegged - she has never been happier.

That, however, doesn't mean she lacks problems...

!! ''Silverglade, a Dungeon tale'' contains examples of the following tropes:
* ADungeonIsYou - the protagonist
* StopWorshippingMe - the Dungeon monsters, who Jannah almost never communicates with, organize themselves according to proto-religious patterns, with some spiders speaking "for" her and interpreting her will.
* BunglingInventor - Jannah is pretty bad at making monsters. She tends to forget important details like "don't attack your fellow minions" or "stay and guard the Dungeon instead of terrorizing the countryside.

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