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* StarCrossedLovers: [[DiscussedTrope Discussed]].
-->'''Rinn:''' Haha, yeah, how likely is it that we'd ''both'' be chosen? Everyone will think we're the star-crossed lovers for sure.
-->'''Yali:''' Actually, I think we might ''literally'' be star-crossed lovers.
-->'''Rinn:''' What?
-->'''Yali:''' 'Star-crossed' means the fates are against us. That definitely fits. Ironically, because
-->'''Rinn:''' But, don't you have to, uh, have sex, to count as 'lovers'?
-->'''Yali:''' What? The word is 'lovers', we love each other, that should be enough! Besides, we're probably going to ''eventually'', I, I, I
-->'''Rinn:''' But by then, we might not be star-crossed anymore! This is very important!

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-> A pair of teenagers get caught up in a conflict between the gods.

Rinn Akatura has never really cared about the gods, any more than she cares about "obeying school rules" or "being nice to jerks". But when she and her girlfriend Yali are chosen to represent the gods in the Ravelling, they get caught up in a decades-old conflict they could never have imagined. In the magical Otherworld, the Blood God enters Rinn's mind and turns her very emotions into a battlefield, leaving her torn between her love for Yali and an ancient enmity that almost brings them both to the brink of death. Can she find a new kind of strength before the Blood God's wrath consumes her?

Ravelling Wrath is an ongoing WebSerialNovel, which launched in March 2017. It can be read [[ here]].

!!The novel provides examples of:

* BuryYourGays: See Preserve Your Gays.
* TheCallKnowsWhereYouLive: Once you are chosen to participate in the Ravelling, you can't get out of it, ''even if you die''.
* ContentWarnings: At the top of each chapter.
* DivineConflict: The main plot.
* FantasyPantheon
* [[MrExposition Ms. Exposition]]: Yali can access all of the memories of dozens of former Farseers, and doesn't hesitate to share this information.
* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: Whenever Yali shows negative emotions.
* OurGodsAreDifferent: The gods have titles like "The Blood God" instead of names, they perceive the world much more slowly than humans, and they are referred to as "it".
* PhysicalReligion
* ThePowerOfLove: Averted. Yali explicitly states that Rinn's love for her would ''not'' be enough to stop Rinn from killing her under the Blood God's influence.
* PreserveYourGays: From [[ the author's notes for Chapter 1]]:
--> I can't tell you too much more because SPOILERS!!!!, but there's one thing I can promise you: Rinn and Yali will both survive the entire story. We're purposefully defying [[BuryYourGays (TV Tropes link) that trope where gay characters die instead of getting a happy ending together]]. Seriously, that trope is awful.
* RageAgainstTheHeavens: Rinn and Yali each intend to go against the will of the god who chose them.
* SpeculativeFictionLGBT
* TheTheocracy: The city is entirely organized around the temples of the gods.
* TrappedInAnotherWorld: The Otherworld.
* UrbanFantasy: Despite living in a polytheistic theocracy, the characters also have cars, cell phones, and the Internet.
* WebSerialNovel: Currently ongoing.

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