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Has a sequel, ''Springman Brothers Reality Repair''.

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''Jim Springman and the Realm of Glory'' is a fantasy novel by Joshua Wright, in many ways an AffectionateParody of run-of-the-mill fantasy novels.

Jim Springman. An ordinary kid - the mundane youngest child of a suburban family living in Queen's Port. ''The Realm of Glory'' - Jim's older sister's fantasy novel and sole claim to fame. When Queen's Port becomes [[TrappedInTVLand spliced with the world of]] ''The Realm of Glory'' via a massive screwup by Jim's older siblings, it's up to him to set things right. With the help of his neighbours the Cobbler girls (Ruthie and Josie), and his older brother [[MadScientist Fletcher]], Jim's fight against monsters, bandits, and a particularly nasty fire-breathing duck begins. A fun fantasy tale that can get quite postmodern.

!!Contains examples of:
* AdultsAreUseless - Except for Fletcher, although Fletcher's a complete jackass. Mike the bus driver is the only adult who seems to cope reasonably with the changes, but he doesn't do much in the story, and seems less brave than the kid heroes.
* AffectionateParody - ''The Realm of Glory'' has many aspects of this (although in universe it's meant to be a serious work).
* AuthorAvatar - Ingrid's is a plot point.
* [[ShowWithinAShow Book Within A Book]] - ''The Realm of Glory''
* DeconstructiveParody - Occasionally edges into this, particularly with Zevilleer.
* ForScience - One of Fletcher's two reasons for his experiments. The other is money.
* FridgeLogic - Various aspects of ''The Realm of Glory'' don't make sense. Some are {{Lampshaded}} once the characters are actually inside the story.
* GenreSavvy - The characters can get interestingly meta, like when they try to contact the author of the book they're trapped in by finding her AuthorAvatar.
** The dragon [[BigBad Zevilleer]] becomes this in real life. [[spoiler: In ''The Realm of Glory'' he was written as a black and white villain who kills gratuitously and without reason. Once he becomes ''real'', he sees no point in staying 'in character', and becomes dangerously unpredictable.]]
* {{Jerkass}} Fletcher and Ingrid seem to be competing for who's the epitome of this. However, both are hinted at being a JerkWithAHeartOfGold. Or at least of rusty bronze.
* MadScientist - Fletcher is this taken UpToEleven.
* MadScientistLaboratory - Fletcher improvises a low-budget one in his parent's garage.
* MedievalEuropeanFantasy - ''The Realm of Glory'' is a parody of this. When it merges with Queen's Port, however, some technology remains, leading to the evil bandit using motorcycles instead of horses, among other things.
* PlayingWithATrope - Various examples.
* RuleOfCool - Fletcher's science is based on this rather than, well, actual science.
* RuleOfFunny - The [[strike: firebreathing duck]] Firedrake.
* [[TrappedInTVLand Trapped In Book Land]]

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