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* YouKnowThatShow: The story's framing device.

* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: The Laughingstock's voice is described as sounding like Ed Wynn.

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* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: The Laughingstock's voice is described as sounding like Ed Wynn.

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->''Does anyone remember this kid’s show? It was called Candle Cove...''


What if a show you watched when you were a child, no matter how innocent or not so innocent, turned out to be hiding something darker than you previously remembered? ''Candle Cove'' is a {{creepypasta}} story by Creator/KrisStraub that appears at first glance to be a forum discussion about an old children's show that aired briefly back in the 70s and was never seen again. As recollections of the show are traded back and forth, it becomes clear that beneath the show's cutesy and disarmingly low-budget appearance is something dark and disturbing, and by the end, it's implied that the show is something much more sinister than a half-remembered childhood memory...

You can read it [[ here]], or listen to the narration [[ here]].

In 2016, the story was adapted for TV as the first season of Creator/{{Syfy}}'s horror anthology series ''Series/ChannelZero''.
!!Tropes demonstrated:

* BigBad: The Skin Taker is implied to have been the main antagonist of "Candle Cove".
* CreepyDoll: The cast of the show.
* TheEndingChangesEverything: [[spoiler: The last post reveals that the show never truly existed.]]
* EarWorm: [[ This fan-made theme music.]] [[InvokedTrope It was meant to be ear worm-y too.]]
** [[ This fan-made calliope music recreation as well.]]
* FictionalDocument: The story is presented in the form of a discussion thread from a message board.
* TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou:
--> i remember the little girl said “why does your mouth move like that” and the skin-taker didn’t look at the girl but at the camera and said “TO GRIND YOUR SKIN”
* {{Foreshadowing}}: "[[spoiler:YES! Okay I'm not crazy!]]" foreshadows the fact that [[spoiler:the same guy that said that supposedly had a dream of a really creepy episode, and it turned out to be an actual episode.]]
* {{Homage}}: The show is reminiscient of ''Literature/TheKingInYellow'', an insanity-inducing play of which there are only small snippets ever seen of it.
* InvisibleToAdults: [[spoiler:Adults only see static.]]
* MaybeMagicMaybeMundane: Despite the [[spoiler:InvisibleToAdults trope]], it's still possible that there is a naturalistic explanation, because nothing is explained at all. Either [[spoiler:[[TechnologyMarchesOn the show was on a weak signal]] so the mother misinterpreted it as static while not paying close attention]], or alternatively, [[spoiler:[[UnreliableNarrator the forum poster who mentioned that was a troll]]]]. Then again, maybe it really ''is'' [[spoiler:supernatural]]. Hilariously, the [[SugarWiki/CandleCove Sugar Wiki page]] is written on the assumption that nothing paranormal occurred.
* MeasuringTheMarigolds: [[ Word of God]] says that trying to ground the show in reality subverts the premise of the story and ruins the fan sequels.
* MindScrew: [[spoiler: Candle Cove does not exist. It has never existed. ''Then why are there so many people who remember the show?'']]
* NothingIsScarier: You will probably never look at TV static the same way again after reading this.
** On that note, there was apparently an entire episode where the characters did nothing but cry and scream at the camera for no apparent reason.
* NostalgiaFilter: Played straight at first, then subverted. And it is horrible. ''[[FromBadToWorse Horrible.]]''
* RippedFromTheHeadlines: Well, sort of. The story's premise was inspired by [[,1503 an article]] from ''Website/TheOnion'': "[[spoiler:Area 36-Year-Old Still Has Occasional ''Series/{{Lidsville}}'' Nightmare.]]"
* ShowWithinAShow: Despite being fictional, what little we learn of Candle Cove is described in vivid detail.
* SubvertedKidsShow: Played for scares rather than laughs.
* StylisticSuck: Both the description of the show itself, which looks like it was produced on a shoestring budget, and the forum posts themselves, some of which would make a GrammarNazi [[TurnsRed turn red with rage]].
* TheReveal: In {{The Ending|ChangesEverything}}, [[spoiler:it's revealed that the show does not exist, and never did exist.]]
** [[spoiler:Or at least it wasn't produced and distributed via normal means.]]
* VileVillainSaccharineShow: The Skin Taker. As one of the forum users put it, "What kind of kids' show were we watching!?"
* WhamLine:
** After [=Skyshale033=] mentions a nightmare she had about the show consisting of the entire cast screaming for the full 30 minutes of the episode's run time, kevin_hart responds with this...
-->'''kevin_hart:''' i don't think that was a dream. i remember that. i remember that was an episode.
** [[spoiler:" would tune the tv to static and juts watch dead air for 30 minutes."]] As it was written.
* YouKnowThatShow: The story's framing device.

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