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''Arcana Magi Fifth World'' is a ShortStory WebOriginal story by H-M Brown and is the first story set in the ''Kōryū Universe'' in ''Literature/ArcanaMagiUniverse''. It served as a fifth anniversary Crossover Special for ''Arcana Magi Universe'' bringing in the main characters from the first stories of each universe, and to officially establish a fifth universe in the series based on the seldom used Kōryū from TheFourGods.

Empress Desire is on the cusp of destroying all the universes, but four of the [[TheFourGods Five Pillars ]] summoned one representative in their universe to enter the Kōryū Universe to rescue the Pillar of Kōryū. However, Empress Desire successfully separated the Pillars across the land and it's up to Miranda Anyres, Kōryū's representative, to find them, so they can save the universes.

''Arcana Magi Fifth World'' is available via [[ this link]].

"'''Here there be spoilers!'''"

!!''Arcana Magi Fifth World'' provides examples of:

* CallingYourAttacks
* MagicalGirl
* {{Magitek}}
* OurDragonsAreDifferent

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