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* Nene and Ruruka put on a YaoiGuys act when they get [[GenderBender gender-bended]] in episode 4.
--->'''Dude!Ruruka''': ''The wind blows strong... Farewell, mademoiselle!''
--->'''Dude!Nene''': ''Let's board a ship to Portugal...''
--->''(they lightly touch hands)''
* Sapphie seems to develop a huge crush [[HotForTeacher on Azusa]] in episode 6. Sapphie spends all her time with her, growing a rose for a contest, and characters go so far as to comment on how "lovey-dovey" they are. At the end, Sapphie really tells her "I love you". Oh yeah, and that flower they were growing? It's a rose, and it's named [[PortmanteauCoupleName Azusapphie]].
* In episode 25, the gang puts on a play, and Sapphie and Ruby play the prince and princess, respectively. A highlight is when Sapphie pulls a {{Bishonen}} face and makes a heroic pose while beckoning for Ruby's (who's lying on the floor in typical DamselInDistress fashion) hand.
* Near the end of episode 38, watch out for Dian humping Taira's leg.
* Marie and Nobara qualify for this in episode 44. Nobara orders a big cake from the Cafe in order to celebrate the anniversary of their friendship, and tries to drag Alex out of the woods so he can make a Magic Gem with Marie. She then becomes brainwashed by the Red Moon, and Marie is beside herself with worry and refuses to leave her side even though that entails being a slave to Nobara. You'd think [[AlphaBitch Marie]] wouldn't ever put up with that. When Nobara goes back to normal, Marie is so happy that she hugs her and clings onto her.

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