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[[AC:''Clockwork Angel'']]
* Jem's treatment of Tessa. In fact, Jem in general. The guy's so sweet, he is basically a saint compared to the rest of the London Institute's inhabitants (especially Will).
* Charlotte reassuring Tessa that she can stay in the London Institute as long as she wants.

[[AC:''Clockwork Prince'']]
* Charlotte telling Henry that she is pregnant.
* Tessa accepting Jem's marriage proposal, especially [[ICantBelieveAGuyLikeYouWouldNoticeMe his reaction]] afterwards.

[[AC:''Clockwork Princess'']]
* Jessamine redeeming herself in the end by telling Will where Tessa is being carried to before she dies.
* Despite still being a jerk, after he learns that Tessa is his great-granddaughter, Aloysius asks Charlotte that he looks forward to meeting her again. Too bad he is killed before it can transpire.
* Half of Will's and Jem's goodbye is [[TearJerker eye-watering]], while the other half is this. Jem basically gives his blessing to the two people he loves the most in the world to [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy get together, comfort each other, and live on without him]]. And they do; the moment the two meet, they comfort each other over their loss by [[SexForSolace making out]].
* Will giving Cecily his pendant as a memento in case he doesn't come back from his mission to save Tessa. This memento, by the way, is still passed down through Cecily's descendants; this is the same pendant that Isabelle Lightwood possesses.
* Tessa's and Will's reaction at Jem's survival, albeit as a Silent Brother.
* Jessamine finding peace in death by guarding the London Institute as a ghost.
* Will proposing to Tessa, who accepts.
* After much nudging by Cecily, Will finally relents and agrees to visit his parents so he can introduce Tessa and she can introduce Gabriel. Also heartwarming that by this time, Gabriel is much less hostile to Will, being mildly annoyed rather than legitimately angered by his joke at his expense.
* Tessa meeting Jem as a human in 2008, allowing them to live together for as long as Jem can.

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