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* The end of ''Cry Of Mann'' is pretty bittersweet, but the "sweet" comes in with Jack and Berry just...getting along, as siblings, joking and talking and respecting each other. After an entire series of being distant and barely acting like they love each other, with Jack going so far as to insult her with the help of "Palmer", it was really touching to see them both being close for once.
* Despite having a lot of other things to worry about, such as her father being missing or trying to keep Mann Corp. alive, Berry still worked hard to make Jack's art-show a happy one. She even yelled at everyone else for caring more about their own issues than taking five minutes to be kind to their brother. While it ended poorly, it was sweet of her to care so much in the first place.
* Ghost Lady stayed beside Jouglat as he passed away and woke up as a ghost, even giving him some of the food she had left over and hanging out with him despite wanting to do other things.
* ''Call Of Warr'' ended with a lot of characters being killed off tragically...but then, they came back as a group just in time to help Ashes close Vid's portal, chiming in simultaneously with her chanting. Afterward, they all gathered on the floor having a picnic together and talking to callers, acting as genuine friends- regardless of all the drama before the died. It was a very sweet way to end their stories, and wrap up the show as a whole.
* It's minor, but the fact that even Prince was terrified when Durkin was gone, and then got very upset at the claim that the girls had tried to murder him, shows that he's a person that, for all his faults, really does love and care about his friends. This came back when he realized he didn't actually want to kill Gravesite, and tried to save him. This led to his death...but Gravesite stayed with him as he died, and even kissed his head! Awww.

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