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* Franchise/{{Superman}} wonders what he is needed for in a world with no comic-book villains. He figures out a possible answer:
-->He looked out upon the crowd. What did this world need Superman for? They had no evil men in costumes planning world destruction. They had no alien invasion fleets hovering outside their orbital space. There were, apparently, no conquerors from other times or other dimensions here. The only super-villains were the tyrants like the ones on his world, the ones whom he would have loved to depose, but would not, for fear of trying to play God.\\
Why did they love Superman? A being they only knew from a movie, or a television show, or a comic book?\\
Perhaps, he thought, because to them, Superman is not only a powerful man, who can do many things that none of them can do...but because he is a good man.\\
Only a concept... but a concept that might spur one, or many, to do good in their own ways.


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