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History Heartwarming / SonicBeforeTheSequel

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* The end cutscene to [[spoiler: Cloudy Crowd]]. Tails has spent the better part of the stage desperately trying to catch up to Sonic and the Death Egg's launch, having an entire cavalcade of badniks between him and the Titanic Tower. When Tails finally does in the badnik that comes after him, the bird badnik he is using as support through the fight ends up blowing out its thruster, and Tails, running out of options, makes a risky jump to the tower. However, it seems all of that flying is catching up to him as he begins to run out of strength to carry on and begins to fall. Fortunately for him, [[spoiler: Sonic triumphantly arrives just in time to catch Tails and save him from his fate as the music swells to a heavenly climax]]. If Tails looked up to him then, this is the precise moment where their friendship truly began, and pays off [[spoiler: when Tails comes to save Sonic from a similar fate after Eggman is defeated]].

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