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* Being severely humiliated by Maria and getting hit with tomatoes by her classmates, Seira was about to lose all hope. Finally, Kaito (who had been offered money to go to high school as long as he doesn't help Seira, even angrily yelling at Seira at one point why something couldn't go right in his life for once) chooses to do the right thing and help Seira, [[TakingTheBullet getting hit by the tomatoes instead]] and getting her out of the room and abandoning his chances to go to high school.
* And after the ''Theatre/RomeoAndJuliet'' play that Seira couldn't be in, Kaito meets up with her after the play was long over and requests to see ''her'' performance of Juliet, the role she always wanted to play.
* A moment with resident [[TheStoic Stoic]] Kaori after she claims that her family has a policy to keep out of each other's business, which included not coming to Class Visitations. Until her older brother came and simply wanted to check up on her. The smile on her face as he waved at her was not so subtle.


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