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[[redirect:Heartwarming/PaperMario]]* Saving the Toads causes them to sincerely thank you, and even help you out at times.
* Bouquet Gardens has a Toad crying over a former flower patch (which was blown away by the Fan Thing). [[spoiler:Paperizing three Fire and/or Ice Flower stickers will cause the flowers to grow back. After this, the Toad proceeds to happily water the new flowers and gives you an HP Up heart]].
* Wiggler is so happy once Mario helps him out in Chapter 3, that's pretty heartwarming. It doesn't stop there either, [[spoiler:Wiggler grows up into Flutter, and helps Mario get to World 6 in order to return the favor]].
* What does Mario do when [[spoiler:he has all of the Royal Stickers and gets to make his wish? Restore Kersti back to life]]. Aww.
* The credits sequence shows everyone in the game happy and smiling, even [[spoiler: [[AntiVillain Mizzter Blizzard]], who has come back to life]].

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