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* LA Beast cheering up Bern when she was having a bad day. [[ Link]]
* When Odyro ended up leaving the streams, when Mike was doing a picture drawing/guessing game online with a few members of the chat taking their turns, when he got to the word "pepper", he drew a bell pepper in honor of Odyro.
* For a while Bern was called a male due to people not realizing she was seriously transgender at the time and used it as part of her (former) ButtMonkey status. When he was doing a test stream though, he finally decided to call Bern by her desired gender seriously for the first time, ending her Butt Monkey status. It also helps later on that Mike admitted in the chat that he feels closer to chat users like Bern more than his actual family.
* Back to LA Beast, the fact that his rallying to get crystal pepsi back(albeit temporarily) is heartwarming for the fact that a man managed to finally get one of his favorite sodas back after working so hard and getting support.

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