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* The Vice Principal choosing to stay at Arama Academy after the students showed [[WeReallyDoCare how much they appreciated her]].
* Machiko loses a beauty contest in an attempt to earn the money needed to pay for a vase. We later find out that the victor used the money to help a loved one's business stay on its feet.
* A famous dancer refuses to perform after Kenta pranks her. She catches her second wind at the end of the episode and dances anyway.
* Miss Machiko, Mr. Yamagata and the boys all working together to [[MissingChild reunite a little girl with her family]] in "Call us to Save Your Life".
* Whenever [[HiddenHeartOfGold Kenta]] does a good deed for someone else is always a special moment.
* The episode "Madoka's Prince" focuses on Miss Machiko and Company's attempts to steer Madoka's friend Tom away from a life of delinquency. The episode ends with Tom and Madoka playing tennis together.
* Kenta initially disliked Miss Machiko's American friend and [[TheRival tried to beat her in many a competition]]. Although he eventually gained respect for her and enjoyed competing. When he finds out that she had to leave early, Miss Machiko tells Kenta that she had gained a respect for him as well.

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