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History Heartwarming / KindergartenWars

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Rereading the series right now and there's honestly a lot of cute moments in here

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* In chapter 3, Doug is [[DistressedDude kidnapped]] and about to be executed by assassins. He thinks over how [[TheAloner lonely and miserable his life was]], and right as his kidnappers are about to pull the trigger, he asks for someone to save him just one last time. Cue Rita swooping in to his rescue.
* Hana's relationship with her brother. Despite her extremely abusive upbringing, her brother Shaw was always there for her and gave her a shoulder to lean on. When Shaw tells her that he's going to turn himself in at the end of her mini-arc, he apologizes that he won't be there to protect her but, after seeing Rita and Doug come out of the water, reassures her that she'll actually be fine.