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* Ao celebrates Gourai's entrance into her life with a small party towards the end of the first half of episode 1.
* In episode 2, Baselard and Gourai attempt to help Stylet recover from her sadness caused by being one-shotted by Gourai in the previous episode.
* In Chapter 3 of the Lab Days manga, Baselard manages to persuade her Master to let Gourai and Stylet have a sleepover with her.
* In Chapter 4 of Lab Days, Baselard starts tearing up when she finds herself having trouble moving the human-scale model kit nippers to clip out the parts of her weapons. Gourai reassures her, and offers to help her hold the nippers steady. Later in Chapter 4, we get a glimpse at the close relationship that Baselard and Fujisaki share.
* In Chapter 5, Toda has formed such a strong big-sister bond with Gourai that she immediately interrupts the Materia twins from their attempts to [[ImTakingHerHomeWithMe carry Gourai off]] and proceeds to stay close by to make sure the Twins behave until she is needed to attend a meeting.
* In Chapter 6, Gourai, Jinrai, and Baselard bond over Jinrai's fondness for Samurai drama shows on TV. Jinrai later defends Gourai from Hres being her usual BloodKnight self.
* In episode 5, Gourai helps Architect get unstuck from her LogicBomb with a small kiss and a CoolDownHug. Architect is touched by her gesture and repays the favour by getting downloaded into a physical body so she can meet Gourai for real.
* In episode 6, ''everyone'' provides bits and bobs from their room deco to help Architect get her own room in their bookshelf hostel done up. Gourai even gives up the large teddy bear from her room.
* It's nice that ''all'' the other Girls are willing to support Gourai and cheer her on to win her inevitable rematch with Hresvelgr.
* What gets Gourai legitimately angry with Hres in episode 10 is not her trash-talking Gourai's ability at battle, it's her ''belittling Ao'', threatening ''to hurt Ao'', and threatening to have her ''separated from Ao'', that gets her furious enough to manifest a battle aura.

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