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* Also Tear Jerker, but in the game there is a man in his house who committed suicide. He's got a picture of his cat nearby.

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* On October 24, 2017, a few months after Creator/GeorgeRomero passed away, a mural featuring him was added to the game, in memory of the man.

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* In ''The Following'', Crane sees a drawing by a child who asks the postman to bring him his present. Asking Jasir reveal that the child's mother went to Harran before the infection and promised him to sent him a present. Crane decide that he'll go find said present and give it to the child.

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* As you complete side and main quests, the game quietly adds souvenirs and decoration to the room Crane was given at the Tower, although it never tells the player it's happening. If you complete "Crayons for the Kids," the kids at the Tower draw a picture of their hero Crane on his bedroom wall.
* A man at the Tower will ask you to get his spare pair of glasses and a book on vegetable farming from his apartment. Complete the mission, and he moves to the roof of the Tower to grow vegetables, ensuring the Tower's continued survival.
* At the conclusion of the second part of the quest "Gunslinger," Crane finds himself with a little boy whose [[ZombieInfectee father he had to kill.]] He radios to Troy, tells her the situation, and asks if her people can take him back to the tower to be with his mother.
--> '''Troy:''' I'll take him there myself if I have to.

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