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* Over the course of the campaign, Edge gradually gains respect and becomes more friendly toward Reaper. In the cutscene that ends Operation Bunker Shot, she flies next to Reaper's plane and says in a poignant voice, as the camera pans into the sky:
--> Edge: Faster and higher... Will you be the one to go there?
** In the same mission comes another one from Collins. In the Far Eastern Front, Lieutenant Bertz, a friendly ground Commander who's worked with you since Operation Fogbound, dies at the end of the mission. Collins gives the final mission report in his place. In Operation Bunker Shot, Bertz' sister takes his place. After the Orbital Laser Defense System creates a Mini [[ColonyDrop Ulysses event]], you have to choose between protecting Whiskey or Echo Team. Protect Collins' team and...
--> Collins: We're A-OK here, Ribbon! Get over to the Echo Team on the east side! If she (Bertz' sister) dies on me here, the Lieutenant's probably gonna kill us from the afterlife. It's safe under the Reaper, right? Show her!

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