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History Headscratchers / YouHaveToBurnTheRope

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***Um, the Grinning Colossus is a "he".

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* He said you are a hero and saved us all. The game begins in a huge drop, continues into a tunnel full of drops too high to jump back to, and ends with a dead end room. I'll give you hero and somehow managing to get back to tell people but '''''HOW'''''' did that save anyone beside those who might try and fail to do it as well? The thing's bigger than the room's entrance!
** Grinning Colossus obviously is an evil overlord who commands her legions of doom via telepathy. You jumped down to her lair out of desperation after her troops had leveled most of your continent. OR she is a shapeshifter and only assumed her Colossus form to fight you.

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