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[[WMG:Hydreigon recognizes you]]
When you meet Hydreigon, he immediately recognizes you and is surprised you don't remember him. Sure, it's just a reference to the previous game and has no influence on the plot, but... does this mean the player character is one of the many humans he mentioned he called for help during ''Gates to Infinity''? Why would he expect you to know who he is otherwise?

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[[WMG: Why didn't the other kids tell you they would consider confessing to their families?]]
In one chapter, Pancham dares everyone to sneak out at night to investigate the ghost problem at school, then return home before their parents notice they even left. It goes terribly wrong when the ghosts turn out to be real, although they were just ghost ''Pokemon'' who created an illusion to scare folks, and the dare becomes a rescue mission when Pancham and Shelmet were abducted. When it is over, and everyone is safe, you and your partner face punishment from Carracosta, your partner's father. Nuzleaf lets you off easy since you had to face one of Carracosta's infamous lectures, while your partner is forced to clean the house all day. You meet up with the others the next day, wondering if they succeeded or failed to sneak back in, only to learn they all decided to confess and face their own punishment, with mixed results. The only exception is Espurr, who lives alone. And yet, they didn't tell you their plan. Most likely, you all try to go back home, but one of them try to call all of you back to agree to confess due to guilt. By the time you try to meet up with them again, Nuzleaf and Carracosta discover you coming back late.

[[WMG: What happened to Espurr's parents?]]
Relating to the above, Espurr claims that it may be a good thing to have families yell at their kids every once in a while, and yet she lives alone, with no parents to do that. She doesn't seem phased about it, and it is never mentioned if they died, if she ran away, or even moving out to live on her own. It seems the villagers discover she lives alone, but they don't do much about it. If, on the other hand, her parents ''have'' died prior to the game, then most likely they allow her to live by herself, while regularly checking up on her.

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