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** Correction. Information provided in game confirms that Mido is indeed a successor. If I had to guess, I would say that he removed his own relic sometime before the boss fight. His entire plan was to resurrect the QUEEN which would require all the relics to be placed into a single host and wouldn't work if he still had his.


** Not really. There is nothing in the game that would suggest Mido is unkillable, only that he is quite powerful. The Queen was impossible to kill due to the experiments she underwent, which caused her BOR parasite to fuse to her body entirely, making her unkillable. Mido was willing to experiment on himself, but either failed to or never tried to do anything like that. Successors are able to regenerate after being killed, but that is only due to the relic of the Queen embedded in them, and Mido obviously didn't have one of those, or else it would've been left behind after he died.

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* How did he turn to ash? He's supposed to be like the Queen, right, impossible to truly kill? Shouldn't he have just dispersed?


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