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History Haiku / TalesFromTheBorderlands

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->''Bossanova's dead \\
I don't think he was lying \\
[[DismantledMacGuffin Gortys]] is not here.''
-->-- '''[[VideoGame/Borderlands2 Zer0]]''', [[StrangeSyntaxSpeaker Haiku Virtuoso]]

->''My quest is not done. \\
Gortys remains out of reach. \\
Yes. [[DoubleEntendre Innuendo]].''
-->-- '''[=Zer0=]''', Haiku Virtuoso

->''This world, [[{{VideoGame/Borderlands}} Pandora]] \\
Is very, very deadly \\
[[ThisLoserIsYou And Rhys is a wimp]].''
-->-- '''[[UnreliableNarrator Marcus]]''', Narrator, ArmsDealer, and also I make haikus. Yes. [[TheLastOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers I know]].
--> [[spoiler: actually by @/{{DBZFan102}}, but that's not as funny.]]

-> ''A ConArtist and \\
A SalaryMan go through \\
Some [[CharacterDevelopment character growth]].''
-->-- @/{{DBZFan102}}

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