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* If you know how to exploit the [=RNG=] in ''Zodiac Age'', you can reliably farm the Seitengrat, the game's InfinityPlusOneSword that puts the Zodiac Spear to shame (since it has no license requirement, and can be used by any class and character), and have one for each character.


* If you know how to exploit the [=RNG=] in ''Zodiac Age'', you can reliably farm the Seitengrat, the game's InfinityPlusOneSword that puts the Zodiac Spear to shame (since it has no license requirement, and can be used by any class and character), and have one for each character.character.

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* Abusing a semi-exploit to spawn the rare monster Dustia repeatedly can bring your level to insane heights before you enter the Giza Plains. Most areas in ''FFXII'' are blocked off by BeefGate, and the Dustia trick can allow you to increase your power even further with steals and rare drops from monsters you have no right to be able to fight. Among the crazy pieces of equipment you can get:
** The [[ Burning Bow]] and [[ Kotetsu]] before Garamsythe.
** The [[ Arcturus]] and [[ Shielded Armor]] before Raithwall's Tomb.
* You can get the most powerful weapon in the game, the Zodiac Spear, as soon as you get the Dawn Shard. That's less than a quarter of the way through the game. It does take a lot of level grinding to survive the trip to its location (and even then you have to flee your way through the areas because attempting to fight the enemies would not go well at all), but once you have the spear, the rest of the game becomes ridiculously easy until near the end.
* The Nihopalaoa, an accessory that when equipped causes all recovery items used by the character to have the opposite effect, can be this. Against several marks and bosses (an infamous example being Judge Bergan), throwing a remedy with it equipped will completely incapacitate the enemy by inflicting them with every single status effect they are vulnerable to, allowing you to hack and slash at them with no consequences. Against any mooks vulnerable to instant death, throwing a phoenix down will kill them instantly and has no chance of failing like an ordinary Death spell.
* Quickenings (the game's equivalent of Limit Breaks) can be this. You can easily get them early on and if you have at least three people in your party they can be used to insta-kill most bosses for a large chunk of the game, made worse by the fact that you can use them the moment the boss shows up rather than having special trigger conditions like limit breaks in previous games. On top of that, If you get access to all 3 Quickenings for a character, it TRIPLES their MP, allowing them to have a seemingly endless supply of spells.
* Masamune [[note]]One of the easier Rare weapons to obtain[[/note]] + Genji Gloves [[note]]If you have this, then you should also have the Masamune as well[[/note]] + Buffs = You pretty much made weapons obsolete.
* Reverse. Having it on an auto-cast Gambit means that any enemy that isn't Ultima will hit you with {{Healing Shiv}}s, and their attacks won't have any knockback. Combine it with Bubble, and even if a powerful enemy manages to sneak a hit in while Reverse's not running, the fighter can tank it easily and subsequent strikes will heal them back up to full anyway. After the spell becomes available, only three or four battles require a change in strategy, and even then only against bosses; {{mooks}} stand no chance.
* Bubble. If you can already kick ass with normal health, imagine how easy it gets with DOUBLE that.
* [[SaveScumming Autosaves]], full stop.
** Using them with Trial Mode allows for everything from stealing endgame weapons from mooks as early as ''Stage 3'', to finding rare items in chests to farm and sell/use.
*** The Seitengrat, the most powerful bow in the game, which offers 224 attack power and 75 evasion. Normally, there's a 1/10000 chance of acquiring it on the Air Deck of the Leisure Craft airship (1/100 that the ''invisible'' chest spawns in no set location on the Air Deck's upper level, 1/100 that it will contain the Seitengrat and not 10 gil). However, with the aforementioned autosaves, Someone found [[ a method to farm them]] by manipulating the RNG.
** The Mina dagger. Obtained from spawning the pain-in-the-ass Larva Eater in the miserable Giruvegan and only has a 3% drop rate. The dagger has 102 attack, has the lowest cooldown rate in the game, and the instant KO effect triggers with astonishing consistency. Just make its wielder immune to confusion and you're set.
** The infamous BraggingRightsReward, Wyrmhero Blade, deserves to be mentioned. In the vanilla version of the game, one had to beat Yiazmat (which required a whole slew of other [[BonusBoss Bonus Bosses]] to be vanquished), Omega Mark XII (which is difficult to even ''find'', let alone fight) and completing a not-really-difficult but time-consuming fishing minigame to get. Here, you can steal it from Famfrit at floor 50 of Trial Mode, much sooner than in the vanilla game (even on a speedrun). Autosave means you can try immediately if you don't steal it. To top it off, the weapon was indirectly buffed by changes to the game mechanics: the inclusion of jobs, which doesn't limit the Wyrmhero Blade since it does not require a license, and removal of the damage cap, which allows the Wyrmhero Blade's power to be used to its full potential.
** For ''The Zodiac Age'', they changed Addle, Shear, Wither, and Expose to always work (though the attack can miss, if it hits, it works) on every enemy in the game. You can reduce anything's attack power to pitiful digits, even Bonus Boss Yiazmat and what not. Granted, some of the technicks are now a pain to find; but well worth the investment of time.
* The Cat-ear Hood originally gave a huge boost to Vitality and Speed. The Zodiac version changes it by converting LP gained to gil instead. You get a few hundred gil per enemy killed, even the weak enemies found in the Estersand and Westersand. Run around killing monsters for an hour and you'll make money a completely non issue. Killing rare game and hunt marks can get you several ''thousand'' gil for each kill. Since the item only stops LP gained for the person wearing it, it's very handy to have around if a character's license board is filled up or nearly done while you can still get LP for the rest of the party. On top of this, the character wearing the hood will take half damage from ice and wind attacks. The only downside is buying the accessory since it's 50,000 gil to purchase and you might not have the money for it at first, but the return investment is very worth it.
* Is MP an issue? The Turtleshell Choker has you covered by letting you cast spells with gil instead of MP. With a ton of gil at your disposal (which is quite easy to do), you can just laugh at enemies that try to sap your MP when you can spend your riches casting spells instead. Combine this with the Cat-ear Hood in the Zodiac version of the game and you effectively got a near infinite source to use magic from.
* The Zodiac Age remaster allowing everyone to have 2 jobs means that classes now have combination bonuses that were never intended in the original Zodiac version. For instance the Black Mage has access to the Staff of the Magi which boosts the damage of all holy-element spells by 50%, except that Black Mages never learn any holy spells. The Monk class on the other hand learns Holy so by dual-classing you now have a character that can cast an absurdly strong version of it. Other examples are combining Knight with Bushi so that heavy armor gives strength bonuses to increase katana damage even more, and Shikari combining with Breaker for the same reason with Ninja Swords.
** Want to maximize damage against the BonusBoss?, have a character equip both the Bushi and Shikari Jobs, and equip them with the Yagyu Darkblade from Shikari, and the Black Robes from Bushi, and you've just created Yiazmat's Kryptonite.
* If you know how to exploit the [=RNG=] in ''Zodiac Age'', you can reliably farm the Seitengrat, the game's InfinityPlusOneSword that puts the Zodiac Spear to shame (since it has no license requirement, and can be used by any class and character), and have one for each character.

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