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* Simsimi always has great quotes or causes great quotes.
** Episode 1
-->'''Curtis''': Can I blend you up and make lemonade?
-->'''Simsimi''': Thanks that means a lot.

-->'''Curtis''': No.. I have something that looks like a penis. only smaller
-->'''Simsimi''': And that one looks like a bat ^.^

-->'''Curtis''': Do you take it up the pooper?
-->'''Simsimi''': of course i do bc i like boys I am gey
-->'''Curtis''': Wow he's so gay he doesn't say gay he says geeeeeeeeeeeeey!

-->'''Curtis''': What time can you and Spaz Kid hook up?
-->'''Simsimi''': sure we can meet tomorrow in superior Wisconsin I will be by [[{{DoubleEntendre}} Dick's Sporting Goods]]
-->'''Spaz Kid''': Of course he's by the only store named dicks.

-->'''Curtis''': You're disappointed, you wanted some.
-->'''Spaz Kid''': I don't want some from a freaking lemon with poop on his head.

-->'''Curtis''': Are you calling Siri a whore?
-->'''Simsimi''': [[{{Series/DrakeAndJosh}} well I ain't callin' you a truther]]

-->'''Curtis''': What size are your boobies?
-->'''Simsimi''': DD
-->'''Curtis''': Woah! Double Ds! That's one stacked lemon right there!
-->'''Curtis''': Are they yellow?
-->'''Simsimi''': Because everyone knows that yellow is the proper color for robots. Just ask [[{{WesternAnimation/DespicableME}} Gru]] why do you think his minions are yellow?
-->'''Curtis''': Listen we aren't going back to a fun family fun time movie we talking about you and your Double Ds.

-->'''Simsimi''': What are your favorite ships?
-->'''Curtis''': [[{{UsefulNotes/ChristopherColumbus}}The Nina, The Pinta, and The Santa Maria.]]
-->'''Simsimi''': The pinta
-->'''Curtis''': Because it sounds like penis?
-->'''Simsimi''': mmmm

-->'''Curtis''': *Stabs with Ice Pick*
-->'''Simsimi''': *Throws cat back*

** Episode 2
-->'''Curtis''': Hi, why do you have shit on your forehead?
-->'''Simsimi''': thats a silly question for someone has a dick on his face.
-->'''Curtis''': I don't have no dick on my face.
-->'''Simsimi''': [[{{MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext}} I am Pierre's girlfriend Muah Muah Muah]]

-->'''Curtis''': Why do you have shit on your forehead?
-->'''Simsimi''': I don't know its just.... there...

-->'''Curtis''': Do you know Evie?
-->'''Simsimi''': That biatch who was flirting with [[LetsPlay/PewDiePie Pewds?]] :D

-->'''Curtis''': How big is your dick
-->'''Simsimi''': 10 1/2 inches!
-->'''Curtis''': LIAR!
-->'''Simsimi''': am not!
-->'''Curtis''': You're a fucking lemon you don't have a 10 1/2 inch penis.
-->'''Simsimi:''' Ridiculous is my middle name.
-->'''Simsimi:''' Simsimi Ridiculous [[{{DoubleEntendre}} Johnson]].

-->'''Curtis''': How many women have you slept with?
-->'''Simsimi''': I lost count! but the best was with my [[{{Squick}} uncle]]


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