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* The intro to ''Significant Other'': "You wanted the worst, you got the worst. The one, the only... Limp Bizkit."
** As well as the outro: "You wanted the best, [[TakeThat then go get the fuckin' Backstreet Boys CD!]] 'Cause in this house, it's Limp motherfuckin' Bizkit. [...] Balls made of steel... but don't kick me in the nuts, though. [...] You ain't shit! ''([[EvilLaugh evil laughter]])'' You ain't shit, motherfucker! You fuck! You ain't shit!"
** And then, the two hidden tracks. One has former MTV VJ Matt Pinfield angrily ranting about teen pop taking over the album charts, leading to him angrily storming out of the sound booth and Fred Durst coming after him. The other has Les Claypool of Primus, notably containing him singing "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and this quip at the end: "So, what, did you think you were getting a Music/CelineDion record? ''(laughs)'' No, no, no, young bucky. You laughed, you cried, you just kissed your 15 bucks goodbye. Limp Bizkit? I don't think so. Fred Durst? I dunno. But what the hell, I got paid. Goodbye, now!"

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