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--> '''Guard''': (''other guard'') Close it! Close it!


--> '''Guard''': (''other (''rapidly to other guard'') Close it! Close it!

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* The two sentries stuck guarding the Hulk. After Caiera forces them to let him out for a few minutes so she can talk to him. Hulk marches back to his cell and marches right past them, as they look on terrified and unsure what to do.
--> '''Guard''': (''other guard'') Close it! Close it!

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[[AC:The Comic]]
* Namor calling out the Illuminati when they decide that Hulk should be shot into space.
-->'''Iron Man''': One minute he's in control and a hero and the next minute he destroyed Las Vegas! He can't control it Namor.
-->'''Namor''': You used to have [[RememberWhenYouBlewUpTheSun quite the drinking problem]]. [[DeadpanSnarker Maybe we should throw you to the sun?]]

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[[AC:Animated Movie]]

* Miek, just Miek.

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