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* During a Gayo Daejun performance, [[ FT Island's Hongki appeared behind Juniel]] and made a face/peace sign while she sang without knowing what he was doing, just as the camera zoomed in on her.
* Her [[ nice rendition]] of [[Disney/{{Frozen}} "Do You Want To Build A Snow Man"]] would had been even more heartwarming... except one of the hosts also threw in the "Go away Anna!" line which [[MomentKiller made another host laugh and threw off the mood a bit.]]
* Juniel once tweeted some of the heartwarming lyrics to her song "I Think I'm In Love"... and [[MomentKiller accompanied it]] with a [[ distorted edit of her selca.]]
* Her [[ attempt at dance improv]] makes it clear why she's best sticking to the guitar and avoiding concepts like "Pretty Boy".

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