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This page is for the most hilarity-ensuing scenes, bits or phrases that have developed in the Main/{{Firewind}} OCT so far--preferrably canon.

These are the scenes that have made you drop to the floor in laughter, or, why not, [[{{Squick}} wet your pants]].

Please try to avoid spoilers. Note that, if you stick to your own opinion ''alone'', these could get crowded really fast by entries others might not agree upon. Thus, all entries here should be ones anyone visiting could agree upon.

!! Round One:

!! Round Two:

* The ever-so-affectionate nickname Zane gave Selah in [[ Pandachu]]'s round, [[ set 4]].

!! Round Three:

* The very first panel in [[ Kiqo7]]'s entry, [[ page 3]].

!! Semifinals:

!! Final:

!! Spectator Entries:

!! Non-canon:

The [[ crack comic]] [[ goldentreefrog]] made in response to Victor's new [[Main/GiantFlyer ride]]

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