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History Funny / DragonTheBruceLeeStory

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-->'''Jock:''' [[SarcasmMode Ooooh]]. Or what?


-->'''Jock:''' [[SarcasmMode Ooooh]].Ooooh]]... Or what?

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* While working out at a college gym, Bruce gets harassed by a JerkJock and his friends:
-->'''Jock:''' Your kind don't understand English.
-->'''Bruce:''' ''My'' kind?
-->'''Jock:''' Yeah, Gooks, Chinks, you killed my father in Korea, you think that's okay with me?
-->'''Bruce:''' Don't touch me!
-->'''Jock:''' [[SarcasmMode Ooooh]]. Or what?
-->'''Bruce:''' ...or I'll touch you back.

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