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* Having powers be recharged by the sun has always been a Kryptonian or other extraterrestrial (Tamaranians like ComicBook/{{Starfire}} have also got this quirk) deal rather than a meta-human deal in the DCU so the fact that Superboy is quickly established as a "solar battery" like ComicBook/{{Superman}} makes even more sense with the revelation that he really does have some Kryptonian DNA in his make-up even if that revelation came much later.

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* Getting struck by the colored beams of Hypertime while traveling through it erases the individual and all of their alternate selves across the multiverse connected to it from reality. When Black Zero gets hit and disappears Kon-El figures that his high tech suit and knowledge of Hypertime must have aided him in escaping this fate as Kon himself wasn't erased even though Black Zero never shows up again. Since Kon was later retconned into a clone mash up of ComicBook/LexLuthor and ComicBook/{{Superman}}'s DNA and Black Zero was a modified Paul Westfield clone it's quite likely that Black Zero and a whole bunch of the Superboys that helped Kon defeat him actually were erased.

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