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* The DesignatedHero and ProtagonistCenteredMorality tropes that are brought up on this page are actually justified in-universe: early in the film, Alexander describes to Dave why what they are doing is [[ChaoticGood not wrong]]. It all comes down to intentions: if you aren't hurting anybody, and everyone stands to benefit, then the law can be ignored (the specific argument used is, if you were driving down a road with your deathly sick mother and came to a red light where no traffic was present and you knew it was totally safe, [[ToBeLawfulOrGood would you run the red light]]?) The comparison becomes valid later on, when Alexander's and Mitchell's extensive [[ChaoticEvil illegal actions]] come to light. Essentially, while Dave's actions are no less illegal, they are more moral and righteous. Whether or not this is a bad thing in and of itself is up for debate, but when held up against Alexander's actions, it's the superior choice.
** When one considers that Mitchell's ''campaign'' probably depicted him more like well-meaning, compassionate Dave than like his scheming, self-serving true personality, one could also argue that Dave is giving America exactly the sort of President it '''thought''' it was voting for.
** Also, if they did denounce the substitution, it would be even worse. Essentially, they would deal the death knell to the people's trust in the government, creating a huge headache for everyone. Dave simply minimized the damage by hiding the conspiracy in a way that the only repercussion was the destruction of Alexander's career.

* At the end of the movie, the recently-widowed First Lady starts up a romantic relationship with Dave, a man who looks a lot like her deceased husband, and can't account for his whereabouts over the past few months. You think that might make people a ''teeny bit suspicious?''
** Eh, people will assume she's also an impersonator.
** They might also assume it's something to do with her grief over the death of her 'beloved' husband; a bit unusual, perhaps, but not outside the realm of possibility.

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