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* Scud is ordered by the bloodpack to hold open a reaper's mandibles while they're dissecting it. Scud is reluctant, but Blade calls him a "sissy" so he goes ahead with it. It seems out of character for Blade to back a bit of vampire bullying in favor of his human companion, but the end reveals that Blade knows that Scud is a DoubleAgent, so he doesn't really gives a damn about Scudd.

!! FridgeHorror
* The gene splicing that turned Nomak from a regular vampire into a super-powered Reaper also leave him in constant, agonizing pain. Now consider the movie also stresses that because regular vampires can regenerate most damage, they have a much higher pain threshold than humans - to the point that vampires are seen kissing and masturbating with ''razors''. So for Nomak, a vampire turned into a Reaper, to state that he is in ''unbearable agony'', he must be experiencing an almost unimaginable level of pain.

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