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* TanksButNoTanks: Before the final battle, establishing shots of the vehicles prepared (taken from military-prduced sock footage) shows M1A1 Abrams being loaded. Battle itself is a footage from Iron Eagle, so the Abrams is replaced by modified M113 APC from that movie. Finally, celebrating heroes are filmed with static M60 tank in background.

* CaliforniaDoubling: Main storage facility of Borden's partners is supposedly located somewhere in eastern Russia. It is represented by some mundane warehouse backlot, while larger combat scenes featuring said facility are taken from Iron Egale, that was filmed in Israel.

* StatuesqueStunner: Sharon Bruneau definitely fits.


* SpecialEffectsFailure: Well, effects per se isn't that bad, but the fact that they are nothing but hastly reedited scenes from different movies, often with no connection to the rest of the film...
* StatuesqueStunner: Sharon Bruneau definitely fits.fits.
* WesternTerrorist: Borden brothers are US-based arms dealers, and are able to detonate bombs all over the country from their office.

Added DiffLines:

''Tornado Run'' is a 1995 action movie about a team of elite USAF pilots that fights the international arms dealers and terrorists. Or at least it wants to be, because it is an extremely cheap direct-to-video movie, where all of the action scenes are represented by stock footage recycled from the movies like Iron Eagle, Band of the Hand, The Junkman and possibly some more. Establishings shots also used recycled footage from various military-produced training films.

It stars bodybuilder Sharon Bruneau as a Major Theresa Mitchell, commanding officer of said "First Strike" team.

!!This work contains examples of the following tropes:

* ArtisticLicenseMilitary: First Strike apparently is the elite USAF squadron equipped with F-16... but they also seen performing anti-terrorist mission overseas, driving the tanks and being used as paratroopers. With some CIA assistance.
* MildlyMilitary: Over the course of the movie none of the cast is seen wearing proper uniform, answering to superior oficers etc.
* StatuesqueStunner: Sharon Bruneau definitely fits.

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