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!Tropes for the film:


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A 1956 British sci-fi directed by Creator/GusFergusson that has a group of children befriending an alien from Venus and help him against a group of criminals trying to capture him.

The film stars Creator/MarciaManolscue, Creator/GillianHarrison, Creator/TonyLyons, Creator/HildaFenemore, Creator/AndrewMotteHarrison, and Creator/DonaldGray.

!Tropes for the film:
* AliensInCardiff: Meba lands at a boarding school in Surrey (although he does travel to London briefly within the film).
** There is a touch of irony here as the film was written and produced by Frank Wells, young son of Creator/HGWells- who also wrote a [[Literature/TheWarOfTheWorlds particularly famous story about aliens]] ([[AliensAreBastards albeit more hostile ones]]) landing in Surrey and progressing to London.
* FlyingSaucer: [[TelepathicSpacemen Meba]] (Venusians in general) are taught to change into a flying saucer form while young, which allows them to fly and travel through space, with [[InnocentAliens Meba]] using this ability to pay a visit to Earth and get into a bunch of shenanigans.
* InnocentAliens: Meba fits snugly into this trope. He is an affectionate, wide-eyed young alien who comes to Earth from Venus and befriends a trio of schoolchildren- trying to please his new friends when he hears them wanting things, but his naivety and lack of understanding on human laws/words often gets him in trouble. Despite this, he and the children later save each other from a group of human criminals- helped mostly due to Meba's alien powers.
* MindOverMatter: Meba has a minor version of this power as he used it to dial 999 from a phone box to call the police - although due to being a youngster, his power wasn't very strong (with him having to physically lift the phone off its holster).
* PlayingWithFire: Meba is capable of starting fires thanks to his alien powers.

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