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* HolyBurnsEvil: Averted. The ghost girl can still freely enter the premises of the church when pursuing Sandy and Diana.


* HolyBurnsEvil: Averted. The ghost ghostly flower girl and the curse can still freely enter the premises of the church when pursuing Sandy and Diana.

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* JumpScare: A Filipino horror cannot be complete without this. Notable occurrences here include the sudden appearance of the old hermit wearing a costume made of dry leaves and the Dale's ghost at the back of the car as Sandy and Diana attempt to escape from the curse.

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'''Sukob''' (English translation: ''The Wedding Curse'') is a 2006 Filipino horror film directed by Chito S. Roño and starring Kris Aquino and Claudine Barretto. Sukob was considered as the highest-grossing Filipino film of all-time earning ₱203 million, until 2009 when it was surpassed by the romance film ''You Changed My Life''.

The film's premise is based on a Filipino superstition ''sukob'' in which one should not propose nor get married within the same year an immediate relative dies or marries.
!!''Sukob'' provides the following tropes:
*AmbiguousEnding: [[spoiler: Sandy sacrifices herself to spare Diana of the curse from consuming her unborn child. Fred apologizes to Diana for causing the whole ruckus. [[TheEndOrIsIt Just as viewers are lead to believe that the curse is over and the spirits can finally rest in peace]], the angry ghosts of Tessie and Sandy appear before Fred. The last thing we hear is Fred's screams of terror, thus leaving viewers to draw their own conclusions whether Fred was consumed by the curse in addition to the ambiguity if the curse was truly broken.]]
*AnyoneCanDie: In the end, only two survive he curse's onslaught:[[spoiler:(Diana and Fred)]] but TheEndOrIsIt
**Helen, Sandy's childhood friend, [[spoiler:died many years prior to the start of the film. Helen's husband was also stated to have perished in a plane crash while her mother mysteriously disappears without a trace]].
**[[spoiler:Brian is killed when he "accidentally" falls off the roof]].
**[[spoiler:Sandy's friends namely Betsy and Edith fall off a cliff]].
**[[spoiler:Larging is ran over by a bus]].
**[[spoiler:Tessie is killed in a car accident involving a drunk driver]].
**[[spoiler:Dale is consumed by the curse while being locked up in the motel room.]]
**[[spoiler:Grace is dragged into nothingness by the spirit of her cursed mother.]]
**[[spoiler:The [[TheHermit old hermit]], who was the only chance the characters have in breaking the curse, is consumed by the ghostly flower girl]].
**[[spoiler:Sandy, after performing a HeroicSacrifice for Diana]].
*AndThenJohnWasAZombie: Those consumed by the curse become its slaves to do its bidding. In the end, both [[spoiler:Tessie and Sandy become ghosts, implying that they too fell victim to the curse]].
*AssholeVictim: Fred
*CarFu: [[spoiler:Lagring is ran over by a bus in a provincial highway]].
*{{Curse}}: The ''sukob'' itself.
*DramaticWind: The flower girl ghost makes her presence known coming in the form of a sinister type of wind with the rustling of dead leaves.
*DwindlingParty: It comes to the point where only Sandy and Diana are left as each of their friends or relatives have been picked-off by the curse one-by-one.
*FateWorseThanDeath: The souls of cursed individuals become a slave of it, never finding peace or moving on into the afterlife.
*{{Foreshadowing}}: When Diana and Brian get married, they are surprised to hear that instead of a joyous ringing of bells, the funeral toll is the one ringing instead.
**At the same time, both Diana and Sandy see glimpses of ghostly flower girl during their respective wedding receptions.
**Sandy suffers a Nosebleed while seeing a rotten hand grab her handkerchief underneath the table.
*HalfSiblingAngst:[[spoiler: Sandy and Diana as a result of Fred (both their biological father) having an affair with Claudia (Diana's biological mother).]]
*HappilyMarried: Sandy and Dale on one side and Diana and Brian on the other or [[TemptingFate so it seems]], as both having married on the same year sets off the curse [[spoiler:due to Sandy and Diana being half-siblings (though both were unaware of the other's existence and timely marriage until the deaths started occurring)]].
*HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler:Sandy jumps off the bell fry of the church in order to save Diana and her unborn child from being consumed by the curse. Though it is up to the audience to determine if her sacrifice was worth it or if it was a case of AllForNothing as stated by AmbiguousEnding above]].
*HolyBurnsEvil: Averted. The ghost girl can still freely enter the premises of the church when pursuing Sandy and Diana.
*HopeSpot: Sandy and Diana approach an old hermit that WeHardlyKnewYe could potentially assist them in burning the cursed wedding apparel to end all the deaths caused by the ''sukob''. [[spoiler:Unfortunately, the curse or the flower girl knew about this and inexplicably teleported/manifested right out of the hermit's body. Sandy and Diana run away into the car while the hermit is consumed by the curse]].
*HorrorDoesntSettleForSimpleTuesday: Viewers would think Sandy and Diana running towards a crowd of devotees attending the Taong Putik Festival (Feast of St. John) would prevent the curse from catching up to them due to the Holiness of the event. It doesn't.
*IdiotBall: Sandy literally left the key to the resort room that her and her husband staying while pursued by a malevolent curse/spirit. Way to go costed [[spoiler:Dale his life and now his spirit has been consumed by the curse]].
*LongLostRelative: Sandy to Diana.
*MindScrew: The curse can do some weird shit before it consumes its victims.
*MyGodWhatHaveIDone: Fred once he realizes all the deaths are the result of his extramarital affair with Claudia.
*NeverFoundTheBody: Victims consumed by the curse simply disappear into thin air, leaving no organic trace behind. Instead, wedding apparel (i.e. veil, candle, bridal cord, and arrhae) takes their place where the body should have been.
*NiceJobBreakingItHero: Sandy leaving the key in the resort room which causes [[spoiler:Dale to be consumed by the curse]].
*{{Poltergeist}}: The curse or the ghostly flower girl has the ability to swing doors and windows shut or to move heavy objects in order to impede the progress of the characters.
*OhCrap: Almost every character has one when the curse is coming form them.
*OurGhostsAreDifferent: They appear as having a grey skin tone, have blood coming from their eyes, or have burning red eyes. Majority appear in front of the characters as form of warning of their impending doom, though the ghost of [[spoiler:Grace's mother pulls her daughter into the foliage, never to be seen again]].
*PlotIncitingInfidelity: Apart from the titular curse about relatives marrying on the same year, it's the reason why all the unfortunate supernatural events are occurring.
*RealityWarper: The curse can also do this.
*RedShirt: Every supporting character ends up as one.
*SceneryPorn: The film shows wide, establishing shots of the rural areas of Nueva Ecija.
*ScrewThisImOutOfHere: The policemen and other civilians in the police station decide to make a run for it once the power goes out and the curse starts moving furniture around.
**To ''Film/{{Juon}}'' and its American remake counterpart ''Film/TheGrudge''. Both films have the same premise of a nearly-irreversible curse that consumes its victims while taking their souls to become puppets of it. The only difference is that the curse in ''Sukob'' is isolated to those relatives of the family involved while in ''Ju-On'' and ''The Grudge'', the curse affects anyone that comes into contact with cursed places and individuals.
**Some of the more gruesome deaths of some of the characters such as falling off a ravine or getting run over by a bus is reminiscent to ''Film/{{Final Destination}}'' and its sequels.
*ShownTheirWork: The [[ Taong Putik Festival]] is a [[,_Nueva_Ecija#Art_and_culture real holiday celebrated in the town of Aliaga, Nueva Viscaya]]. Devotees attending the festival do [[ wear foliage and dried leaves]] to emulate the appearance of St. John the Baptist.
*SpookyPhotographs: Individuals in the wedding photos have their heads removed if they are killed while those marked for death have their faces faded.
*StringyHairedGhostGirl: The ghostly flower girl appears as one underneath her veil and an EtherealWhiteDress.
*ThirtySecondBlackout: The lights go out in the police station where Sandy and Diana are asking help from the authorities in locating the bodies of their relatives.
*YouCannotFightFate: Those who try to prevent more deaths from the ''sukob'' curse end up dying anyways.

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