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-->''"Sent from Hell... to feed on flesh."''

'''''Shapeshifter''''' is a 2005 American {{horror film|s}} from Creator/TheAsylum.

Ginny Lydon is a former Marine who has just joined the police force as a jail guard. On her first night, a federal witness against the Russian mob is taken into protective custody, as is a mysterious vagrant. This vagrant turns out to be an agent of TheMafiya, with a twist: He's a shapeshifting demon. And he's going to slaughter every last person in this jail...
!!This film contains examples of:

*BerserkButton: One of the inmates has castration jokes as his, due to having his balls ripped off by a dog as a child.
*BigBad: [[spoiler:Marcoux, the Shapeshifter's apparent target, is actually who it was sent to free.]]
*BreakingOutTheBoss: [[spoiler:The Shapeshifter is revealed to be sent to break out Marcoux.]]
*CouldntFindAPen: The Shapeshifter makes a habit of writing anything he needs to in blood, whether it be his victims' or his own.
*EvilSorcerer: The Shapeshifter is this, since he uses Satanic magic to create a monstrous SuperForm.
*GreaterScopeVillain: TheMafiya boss who sent the Shapeshifter after his target.
*HeKnowsTooMuch: The Shapeshifter decides to kill the rest of the prisoners because they know what his human form looks like.
*ImAHumanitarian: The Shapeshifter eats the flesh of its victims to gain more power.
*TheMafiya: One of the inmates is a smuggler for the Russian Mob-turned-witness. The Shapeshifter is an agent of theirs, sent to take him out. [[spoiler:Or, as is revealed, break him out.]]
*TheReveal: [[spoiler:The Shapeshifter is the cousin and protector of his apparent target, and was actually sent to break him out.]]
*SuperMode: What the Shapeshifter has in practice. He looks like a normal, tattooed guy, but can transform into a demonic monster.
*VillainOpeningScene: The Shapeshifter being released and killing a guy and the hooker he hired.

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