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History Film / ShadowOfTheWolf

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!Tropes for the film:


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for the film:

* UsefulNotes/{{Canada}}: Where the film takes place.

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* TheFilmOfTheBook: Based on the book by Theriault.

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A 1992 Canadian-French film directed by Creator/JacquesDorfmann and Creator/PierreMagny starring Creator/LouDiamondPhillips that has a young Inuit man killing a white trader and being pursued by the police. However, his father is determined to protect him whatever the costs.

The movie also stars Creator/ToshiroMifune, Creator/JenniferTilly, and Creator/DonaldSutherland.

It was based on the novel ''Literature/{{Agaguk}}'' by Creator/YvesTheriault.

!Tropes for the film:
* AdultFear: For Agaguk and his family, as he kills a man and is on the run from authorities when Native groups like the Inuit wouldn't be treated well by the authorities, especially when the victim is a white trader.
* UsefulNotes/{{Canada}}: Where the film takes place.
* PeriodPiece: Takes place in the 1930s in Canada.

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