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''Die Artisten in der Zirkuskuppel: ratlos'' is a 1968 West German film. It has no official English title, and has been given at least the names ''Artists in the Big Top: Perplexed'', ''Artists under the Big Top: Perplexed'' (most idiomatic) and ''The Artist in the Circus Dome: Confused'' (most literal) in different translations.

It is a {{mockumentary}}-style artistic storytelling form film, in which newsreels, documents, and quotations are intercut with the story of a failing circus. In addition, this is intended to be reflective of the director Creator/AlexanderKluge's attempts to invent the movement of the German New Wave, which wasn't going very well (it is also an example of the German New Wave).

It won the UsefulNotes/LeoneDOro, but apparently the committee were so ashamed of giving it to the film that they didn't award it again for 12 years.

!!Tropes under the Big Top, perplexed:
* ArtImitatesLife: Kluge's frustrations at the lack of enthusiasm for abstract new wave films are represented by a failing circus. What a metaphor.
* CrappyCarnival: The circus is failing and the owner wants to take it in a new direction, but is it too novel, too optimistic, or too soon?
* MaleGaze: Vanity shots of nude-appearing women in the circus, seemingly part of the sexual revolution that comes with new waves.
* VideoCollage: The story requires the use of randomly intercut other media, like intertitles but out of sequence.


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