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* OnscreenChapterTitles: "Monday", "Tuesday", and so on.

* TitleCard: "Monday", "Tuesday", and so on.

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''April Showers'' is a 2009 film loosely based on the UsefulNotes/{{Columbine}} massacre, written and directed by one of the survivors.
!!Provides examples of:
* AdultFear: The film is about a school shooting.
* AnachronicOrder: The film begins InMediasRes, and then goes on to show HowWeGotHere and the aftermath in roughly chronological order, with a large number of flashbacks throughout.
* BloodIsSquickerInWater: [[spoiler:Jason commits suicide in the bathtub.]]
* CannotSpitItOut: Sean cannot seem to tell April he loves her.
* DaylightHorror: The actual school shooting takes place during the daytime, naturally.
* {{Dedication}}: "In loving memory of those we lost" followed by a long list of people who died in school shootings (including perpetrators), and ending with "And those who survived."
* DeliberatelyMonochrome: Some shots use this to look like security camera footage, evoking UsefulNotes/{{Columbine}} footage.
* {{Diary}}: [[spoiler:Jessica gives April's diary to Sean, providing him with some closure.]]
* DramaticIrony: In a flashback, [[spoiler:April tells Sean "It's not going to be the same without you", referring to his upcoming graduation. By this point, the audience knows that April is going to die whereas Sean will survive.]]
* DrivenToSuicide: [[spoiler:Jason is unable to cope with his SurvivorGuilt, and kills himself.]]
* EmpathicEnvironment: When [[spoiler:Sean finds out April died in the school shooting]], the next scene shows that it has started raining.
* EvilStoleMyFaith: Sean questions what kind of God would let something like this happen.
* {{Flashback}}: Several, especially concerning Sean and April's relationship.
* GoryDiscretionShot: Fourteen people (including the shooter) are killed during the school massacre, but only one of them is shot onscreen.
* HeroicBSOD: Jason suffers one in a grocery shop, hallucinating a staring crowd holding copies of the magazine cover with the picture of him carrying the dead girl out of the school.
* HowWeGotHere: The film begins with Sean learning who committed the shooting, and then flashes back to show the events leading up to that point.
* IfItBleedsItLeads: The news media are all over the place in the immediate aftermath of the school shooting (they show up at an area where the injured are being treated and loaded onto ambulances moments after some of the students who just escaped the school do). One reporter asks his cameraman "Did you get it?" with a smile, referring to a wounded student lying on the ground surrounded by friends.
* InMediasRes: The film begins during the immediate aftermath of the shooting, when Sean learns of the shooter's identity.
* TheLostLenore: [[spoiler:April for Sean. Especially because he never told her he loved her.]]
* MeetCute: April and Sean first meet during the theater group's initiation ceremony.
* MomentOfSilence: When Sean learns [[spoiler:of April's death]].
* MurderSuicide: The school shooter kills thirteen others and then himself.
* OutDamnedSpot: Jason tears off his clothes that have the blood of the dead girl on them, only to find that some of the blood went through the fabric to his skin.
* PartingWordsRegret: A variation. [[spoiler:As he lies dying, Mr. Blackwell regrets forgetting to say "I love you." to his wife on the morning of the shooting.]]
* ProsceniumReveal: A scene where Sean says "I love you" to April is interrupted by him yelling "Cut!", revealing it to be a part of their stageplay.
* RageAgainstTheReflection: Sean smashes a bathroom mirror after he has a flashback to [[spoiler:being unable to tell April he loves her]]. He has a bandage on his hand for the rest of the movie.
* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: Jason bails on an interview when he realises that the TV network cares more about getting a good story than helping him find out who the dead girl he carried out of the school was.
* StrawmanNewsMedia: TV executive Helen Mann is shown to manipulate Jason (who has just survived a school shooting and seems to be developing PTSD) in service of getting a good story of a "hero".
* SurvivorGuilt: The survivors of the school shooting are hit by this, none worse than Jason.
* ThereAreNoTherapists: One might expect there to be some kind of crisis counselling immediately following a school shooting, but there is not. It would definitely have been needed, as Jason displays very clear signs of PTSD.
* ThousandYardStare: Jason has one of these on his face a lot of the time after the school shooting.
* TitleCard: "Monday", "Tuesday", and so on.
* VeryLooselyBasedOnATrueStory: Inspired by the UsefulNotes/{{Columbine}} school shooting, of which the writer-director was a survivor.

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