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* FosterKids: Stormer and Craig were foster kids in the past.


* FosterKids: FosterKid: Stormer and Craig were foster kids in the past.

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''[[ Touch]]'' is a short ''WesternAnimation/{{Jem}}'' oneshot by Stormkpr. It has a slightly longer sequel oneshot called ''[[ Shadow]]''.

Both fanfics explore a romantic relationship between Roxy and Stormer. They take place roughly four years after the show began but prior to "Britrock". The first one is about Stormer contemplating her relationship and what Roxy means to her. The two have clashing personalities which makes for communication problems. Stormer's very affectionate while Roxy is anything but.
!!These fanfics provide examples of:

* DarkAndTroubledPast: Roxy had a rough upbringing which resulted in her tough attitude and dislike of affection. She's also not fond of gifts because she was raised to think gifts need to be payed back.
* DarkFic: The stories delve into psychological issues and abuse more than canon does.
* FosterKids: Stormer and Craig were foster kids in the past.
* HatesBeingTouched: Due to her past, Roxy is very selective about being touched. This even applies to sex as she won't let Stormer touch her.
* SecretRelationship: Roxy and Stormer aren't open about their relationship, even to one another. They don't refer to each other as girlfriends or openly discuss their relationship.
* SlashFic: Both stories revolve around the idea that Roxy and Stormer are dating.

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