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->''What does it mean to be "Good"? What is the most important thing that everyone should focus upon? Does feelings matter in 'Goodness', or did it just blind one for the "greater picture"? The acts of [[VideoGame/BlazBlue Litchi Faye-Ling]], even if she was not an important Goddess to the majority of great plots, would put a question on those things, and what was once a small matter would spiral down into something dreadful that might shake the foundation of the Pantheon...''

''The Morality Civil War'' is one of the bigger Pantheon Tales present in the Trope Pantheons.

This civil war is centered on two people: [[Videogame/{{Blazblue}} Litchi Faye-Ling and Arakune]], the catalyst of this entire war. Many gods participate in this war to find the definition of goodness for this one situation. This war boils down to [[FreudianTrio three archetypes]], the villains, and other parties. What will be the outcome for this war?

!!''The Morality Civil War'' provides examples of:

* CivilWar: Well, of course.
* FreudianTrio: Plays a great theme when it comes to the three main factions:
** Faction A: TheMcCoy camp, believing that emotions are important and emotional support is exactly what is needed to help Litchi, trying to preserve Arakune so he could be saved later, and abhors Faction B's insistence to dismiss emotions 'for the greater good', likening them in trying to turn every good men into mindless drones towards an ideal.
** Faction B: TheSpock camp, believing in doing everything to solve what is necessary, or the greater good/goal, TheNeedsOfTheMany being their main principle above all and believed that because Litchi violated that, she must be punished, along with not giving the GUAE a gullible pawn to play with, they don't care about any emotions or desperation she had. And to destroy Arakune before he did a number to the safety of the innocents. They think Faction A deals with [[TrappedByMountainLions too much useless things]] and would even let a genocide-monger go in the name of 'love'.
** Faction C: TheKirk camp, taking the third option. They sympathized with Litchi all right, but believes that emotional support isn't the way to go due to the harsh world, thus they believe to [[CruelToBeKind force Litchi to move on by killing Arakune]]. Faction A is against them for ignoring Litchi's feelings, Faction B is also against them because they're not eliminating Arakune for the good of many.
* EasilyCondemned: Litchi. Faction B thinks because she worked under Hazama and Relius means that she's undeserving of any sympathy and must be punished for serving evil, they don't care about her feelings or her being ForcedIntoEvil.
* GoodVersusGood: Both factions have their ideas of good and are doing things for good. But they just can't seem to compromise, leading to this.
* IdealHero: Faction B, especially Kokonoe, believes Litchi should be this, but her joining Relius in the past put a taint in that, and for that she has to be punished on failing to live up the people's ideals.
* MaliciousSlander: Subverted. Where the slander about Litchi and everything else like flyers about different gods are malicious, they are the truth, even if they skip some parts (like Litchi trying to also cure herself).
* TheNeedsOfTheMany: A strong element that is debated... "How important is it?" Litchi was declared violating it, while Faction B believed that it's the utmost importance, so she is condemned with that. Meanwhile, Faction A (and probably C too), didn't think too highly on it and believes that it can go to hell if fulfilling it means becoming a mindless drone to an ideal and ignoring the pleas of little people.
* TheParagon: [[VideoGame/BlazBlue Makoto Nanaya]] is hyped by Faction B as the 'ideal' kind of 'goodness' that everyone should follow, on the basis that she can totally resist Terumi and has great willpower to endure anything (much like how this site listed in great details why she's pivotal in Terumi's downfall in Chronophantasma and how much of an antithesis of him she is.), focuses on big guns like Terumi, that she'd ''never'' fall into evil unlike Litchi. Makoto... ''is not very happy about it''.
* TakeAThirdOption: Faction C. Unfortunately, done in a pragmatic, force-their-ideals style so they kinda lose points on it.
* TrappedByMountainLions: Used In-universe, as Faction B believed that this trope is just insignificant and should be ignored for the sake of the greater good. Faction A, on the other hand, believed against ignoring such thing and believed in being a SmallStepsHero to solve everything before tackling the greater good.
* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: [[spoiler:Seija more or less leaves the Pantheon after being discovered by Aya, though she had plans to do it anyway due of overhearing Downfall!Hitler's plans.]]

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