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* BigBrotherInstinct: Trevor's immediate impulse when finding a toddler within a vampire's castle is taking the kid out of the grounds, and he outright screams at Dracula that he won't let him harm the kid.

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* UnwantedRescue: Trevor tried to abscond with Adrian because he operated under the assumption that Adrian was a human baby kidnapped for Dracula to feed on.

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''The Devil Does Care!'' is a ''WesternAnimation/Castlevania2017'' fanfic written by [[ Tyranno]].

One day on her way back to her family, Lisa Dracula-Tepes is on her way back to her family home when she is suddenly held at knife-point. By who? Nothing but a child; alone, hungry and wounded. This child is the young Trevor Belmont, after being chased off and left an orphan by the church. How could she not help?

Can be read on Website/ArchiveOfOurOwn [[ here]].

!!This fanfic provides examples of: 

* BullyingTheDragon: Every moment where Trevor and Dracula are involved usually has Trevor antagonizing Dracula in some fashion while Dracula barely acknowledges his contempt.
--> Quick as a viper-striking, the boy darted around her and launched himself at Dracula. Just as quickly, the vampire caught him by the scruff of his neck and swung him into the air, held like a disobedient puppy.
* FantasticRacism: Recognizing Dracula on-sight as a vampire, Trevor does everything in his power to antagonize him, either trying (and failing spectacularly) to kill him, or to run away (slowed to a crawl by his healing injuries).
* TheHighwayman: Lisa encounters Trevor when she tries to mug her with a knife on her way to the castle. Since Trevor is a heavily wounded preteen child with nothing but a small knife and Lisa had NervesOfSteel to ''marry fucking Dracula'', it works out how you think.
* KidHero: When Trevor finds Adrien, who at this time is barely in the toddler stage, he assumes he was kidnapped to be eaten by Dracula later and tries to run off with him in-spite of his injuries.
* MadeOfIron: You know Trevor has balls for his age when Lisa finds [[AgonyOfTheFeet glass imbedded in his feet]] and still having been able to walk for days, possibly ''for weeks''.
* WouldHurtAChild: Subverted. Trevor tries taking Adrien because he believed that Vlad kidnapped him with the intent of eating him, while Vlad initially believed that he was going to kill Adrien because he was part-vampire.


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