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* [[ Transformers Lexicon link]]

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''[[ No Business Like Sheol Business]]'' is a FanFic set in ''WesternAnimation/TheTransformers'', in Creator/{{Shebakoby}}'s fanficverse. Taking place during the ''Fanfic/PrisonerOfDestiny'' series, it follows what happens when one day Ramjet takes it upon himself to invite Sheba to come along to [[PleasurePlanet Monacus]] with him and Dirge on [[SapientSteed Astrotrain]]--without telling Megatron.

* [[ DeviantArt link to part 1]]
* [[ DeviantArt link to part 2]]
* [[ Fanfiction net link]]
!!This Work Contains Examples Of:
* ActionGirl
* CallBack: Sheba wonders if Starscream searched half the globe (of Earth) looking for her, which is exactly what Starscream did when Skyfire originally crashed on Earth.
* ContinuationFic: Based on, and a continuation of, the Transformers Season 2 episode "The Gambler".
* CurbStompBattle
* GladiatorGames
* OhCrap
* SequelHook: [[spoiler:The Scuxxoid's conversation with a mysterious benefactor at the end of the story, is a teaser for ''Fanfic/ShadowOfTheGuardian'']].
* StandardStatusEffects: Berserk.
* TheBerserker: [[spoiler:Sheba, after Lord Gycony drugs her drinking water]].

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