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!! Contains examples of:

* AnyoneCanDie: The murderers and victims are randomly chosen, so literally anyone can die sans the Main Character.
* AlasPoorVillain: For every murder, the murderers have had a (somewhat) legitimate reason to kill with ''maybe'' the exception of chapter three.
* AllForNothing: In both chapter one and two so far where [[spoiler:Inori's secret gets revealed]] and [[spoiler:Siyon turns out to not be the traitor]]. Later in chapter four when [[spoiler:Mariko fails to bring back Root]] and five when [[spoiler:Daniel's elaborate suicide plan to kill everyone fails.]]
* ArcWords: Hope and Despair.
* BigBad: In the form of Monokuma and later [[spoiler:Kanon Takenaka]].
* BigBrotherIsWatching: Monokuma has cameras set up all over the castle to watch the students.
* BlackBlood: Well, pink. This is to follow the style of Danganronpa.
* BodyOfTheWeek: At least two people wind up dead every chapter.
* CharactersDroppingLikeFlies: By the end of the story, only a few people are left standing.
* CruelAndUnusualDeath: In the form of the executions where the [[spoiler:Psychologist, Inori, is played by his fears]], the [[spoiler:Seamstress, Kikuyu, is stabbed with a ton of sewing needles]], the [[spoiler:Runway Model, Jae-Eun, trips on her way down the aisle]], and the [[spoiler:Film Director, Mariko, gets smash in a movie screen]].
* DarkSecret: The motive for Chapter 1 consists of each student getting someone else's darkest secret. This leads to two murders out of paranoia and a lot of self-doubt leading to yet another murder.
* DeadlyGame: It's all just a game. A killing game.
* DeathByIrony: The executions.
* EmptyChairMemorial: When a student dies, their seat at the courtroom is 'reserved' with a portrait of their face.
* FairPlayWhodunnit: Every student has an equal chance at finding information unless the killer has specifically disabled someone such as chapter four when [[spoiler:Riko gets poisoned by the pie]].
* GildedCage: The castle is a closed area with no way out.
* GoryDiscretionShot: [[spoiler:Inori]] is never shown dying as the lights go out just before they're killed and [[spoiler:Kikuyu]] is covered with a sheet.
* IJustWriteTheThing: As a CYOA, very few of the actions are predetermined.
* InfiniteSupplies: In the Banquet Hall, the food is always replenished and, later, the Storage Room has just about anything you could want.
* InvoluntaryBattleToTheDeath: Well, it is a killing game.
* LawProcedural: Class trials.

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