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* "Oh, no, no, no... you know..." [[spoiler: Matilda, "None But the Lonely Heart"]]
* "Howard! Turn it... turn it off!" [[spoiler: Morty, "None But the Lonely Heart"]]
* "Well, look Mr. Prince..." [[spoiler: Baxter, "None But the Lonely Heart"]]
* "No! No, that's the deal! And I've said all I intend to say!" [[spoiler: Stanhope, "None But the Lonely Heart"]]
* "Howard..." [[spoiler: Effie Gluckman, "None But the Lonely Heart"]]
* "Shit, man, they're coming for you! Run! Run! Run!" [[spoiler: Gravedigger, "None But the Lonely Heart"]]
* "OH MY GOD, HELP! NO, NO, AARRRRAGH!!!!" [[spoiler: Howard Prince, "None But the Lonely Heart"]]

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* "[[FacingTheBulletsOneLiner COME OUT, YOU SORRY SONS OF BITCHES!!]]" [[spoiler: Billy, "Showdown"]]

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* "No! It's not right! No! Nooo! It ain't right—" [[spoiler: Charley Ledbetter, "The Man Who Was Death"]]
* "Shut up, Cynthia! Shut up, Cynthia! No, no, wait wait wait wait wait—" [[spoiler: Theodore Carne, "The Man Who Was Death"]]
* "What? No!" [[spoiler: Cynthia Baldwin, "The Man Who Was Death"]]
* "It's my job. It's my duty 'cause it's my job. If a man ain't good at his job, then what the hell is he good for? What's anything good for?" [[spoiler: Niles Talbot, "The Man Who Was Death"]]
* "[[TemptingFate What are you, deaf? I said let me have it]]!" [[spoiler: The Husband, "And All Through The House"]]
* "Wait, slow down! Wait! Wait!" [[spoiler: Dr. Manfred, "Dig That Cat...He's Real Gone"]]
* "Somebody! I don't have nine lives! Somebody! LET ME OUT!" [[spoiler: Ulrich, "Dig That Cat...He's Real Gone"]]
* "Who are you?" [[spoiler: Ronnie Price, "Only Sin Deep"]]
* "I LOVE YOU! I'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU! FOREVER AND EVER!" [[spoiler: Margaret Richardson, "'Til Death". She CameBackWrong]]
* "No, it's the law. One can't be too careful in this climate." [[spoiler: Dr. Freddy, "'Til Death"]]
* "[[BigNo NOOOOOOOOO]]!" [[spoiler: Logan Andrews, "'Til Death", being DrivenToSuicide in order to escape Richardson. He is unwillingly brought back.]]
* "You're crazy! You're out of your [[PrecisionFStrike fucking]] mind!" [[spoiler: Alan, "Three's A Crowd"]]
* "Where's Alan?" [[spoiler: Della, "Three's A Crowd"]]
* "Help me, Gloria!" [[spoiler: Sebastian Fielding, "The Sacrifice"]]
* "Plenty...forty-eight...hate this...set you free..." [[spoiler: James Reed, "The Sacrifice"]]
* "Come on! Let's go, goddammit! Let's hurry it up! Pull the switch! Shoot me the juice! FRY ME!" [[spoiler: Marty Slash, "For Cryin' Out Loud"]]
* "No. Who?" [[spoiler: Ms. Kilbasser, "For Cryin' Out Loud]]
* "You fool. You stupid old fool." [[spoiler: Louisa Yates, "The Four-Sided Triangle"]]
* "Billy, get 'im off me! Get 'im off me! Get 'im off me!" [[spoiler: Mr. Ingles, "The Ventriloquist's Dummy"]]
* "Hi, uncle. What are you doing with my ball?" [[spoiler: Bobby Thornberry, "Fitting Punishment"]]
* "Somebody help me! No! No! Nooo!" [[spoiler: Ezra Thornberry, "Fitting Punishment"]]
* "Oh shi-" [[spoiler: Edward Foster, "Loved to Death"]]
* "Yes, let's." [[spoiler: Miranda Singer, "Loved to Death"]]
* "No, fuck ''you''." [[spoiler: A policeman, "Carrion Death"]]
* "I'm [[spoiler: Lou Paloma]] Blow me." [[spoiler: Lou Paloma, "The Trap"]]
* "Isn't that silly of me?" [[spoiler: Joyce, "Beauty Rest"]]
* "Yeah. So what kind of girl are you?" [[spoiler: Druscilla, "Beauty Rest"]]
* "You're crazy! I'm calling the cops, you hear? The cops! The cops!" [[spoiler: Mr. Chumley, "What's Cookin"]]
* "Ellen!" [[spoiler: Joseph Renfield, "Strung Along"]]
* "Come on, we don't have that much time." [[spoiler: David, "Strung Along"]]
* "This isn't funny." [[spoiler: Ellen Renfield, "Strung Along"]]
* "Help me..." [[spoiler: Todd, "The Assassin"]]
* "Son of a bitch!" [[spoiler: William, "The Assassin"]]
* "Ronald?" [[spoiler: Simoine Bardou, "The Assassin"]]
* "Willa-" [[spoiler: Luden Sandleton, "99 and 44/100 Pure Horror"]]
* "You always wanted to shower with me, Lu. Here's your chance." [[spoiler: Willa Sandleton, "99 and 44/100 Pure Horror"]]
* "Naw, that's an old trick I picked up at Benny's shooting gallery on Coney Island. And if you don't quit stalling, I'll show you some other tricks I learned in Brooklyn." [[spoiler: Lou Spinelli, "You, Murderer"]]
* "Yes, there's been a murder." [[spoiler: Erika, "You, Murderer"]]
* "Oh my God!" [[spoiler: Dr. Charles, "You, Murderer"]]
* "Run! Ruuuunn!" [[spoiler: Betty Spinelli, "You, Murderer"]]
* "You bitch." [[spoiler: Armed Robber #1, "Cold War"]]
* "Right- Aw, sh-" [[spoiler: Cutter, "Cold War"]]
* "Come here!" [[spoiler: Barry, "Smoke Wrings"]]
* "Reverend?" [[spoiler: Lucy, "About Face"]]
* "What are you doing?" [[spoiler: Sarah, "About Face"]]
* "God is my protector! He is the Wo—" [[spoiler: Leah, "About Face"]]
* "Father... what have you done?" [[spoiler: Abigail, "About Face"]]
* "Well, then let her in stupid, so the fun can begin!" [[spoiler: Drinky Pig, "The Third Pig"]]
* "Come right on in, miss!" [[spoiler: Smokey Pig, "The Third Pig"]]
* "Little pig, little pig, quit stabbing my head! You can't kill what's already dead!" [[spoiler: Zombie Pig, "The Third Pig"]]
* "Must destroy!" [[spoiler: Dudley Pig, "The Third Pig"]]

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